UAB Celebrates the Chinese Moon Festival (Photos)

By on September 21, 2013
(Photo by Sarah Adkins)

The Chinese Moon Festival was held at UAB last Thursday to welcome the autumn equinox. Moon celebrations were performed through Taichi, skits, a Yi folk dance, and Chen Style Taichi Broadsword routine.

“Taichi and martial arts were a great way to start off the festival! We had wonderful dancers and singers, beautiful costumes, and great performances,” said Trey Lawsom, Community Coordinator of the UAB Chinese Society.

UAB Department of Foreign Languages and Literature and Confucius Institute at Troy hosted the Festival. The event was organized the traditional Chinese way with authentic Asian food catered by Red Pearl Restaurant. Performances also incorporated genuine Chinese articles, such as qipaos (mandarin dresses) and a Broadsword weapon.

The first 100 attendees received a traditional Chinese Mooncake, a pastry commonly made and eaten during the Moon Festival. The sweet, rounded mini cakes contain a sweet filling, commonly red bean paste.

“They [Mooncakes] are really expensive and there’s only a few places you can get here. It’s great if a family member makes them for everyone. Otherwise, you have to pay a lot for them and they’re made in limited numbers,” said Lawson.

The Chinese Moon Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eight month, based on the lunisolar Chinese calendar, during a full moon. The Festival usually falls in September or October in the Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese government named the festival an official holiday in 2008. It is also referred to as the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.

“The Moon Festival is equivalent to Thanksgiving. In China, they love to have family over, eat good food, and just celebrate. There’s a big program that comes on T.V. every year. It’s kind of like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade,” said Lawson.
The 2014 Chinese Moon Festival will take place on September 8.

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