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By on October 5, 2013
(Photo by Sarah Adkins)

The Blazers face off against Florida Atlantic this Saturday in their first conference game of the season. Currently 1-3, the team is hungry to start off the conference with a strong victory. After playing extremely physical games against two SEC teams this season so far, the Blazers are conditioning themselves for the games ahead.

“I know I’m feeling pretty beat up right now, but we’re a very physical team and we’re going to take that to conference” said defensive end Connor Boyett.

The physicality of the games has come at a cost as J.J. Nelson is currently recovering from an ankle injury and shares his situation with several of his teammates who are also recovering from recent injuries.

“It’s good to test yourself, to see how tough you really are.  We pride ourselves on being the team in conference USA that’s not going to spread out and fast-break and try to trick everybody, we want to play traditional, hard-nosed, tough football”, said head coach Garrick McGee.

Injuries or not, UAB’s roster is full of able bodied players who are able to pick up the slack and put up a fight.

“We’ve still got some really good players and we’re fortunate that we’ve landed the recruits that we’ve landed and that all of these guys can play. We don’t have any excuses” said McGee.

Florida Atlantic is currently 0-3 in conference USA and concerns rise that they may be hungry to try and end their streak at Legion Field.

“They’re a lot like us; they’ve had some really tough conference games like a lot of other teams in the conference USA”, said McGee.

The Blazers have been busy preparing for their first USA conference game and are readying to take the lessons they’ve learned this season and apply them to Florida Atlantic.

“Practices have been going really well, but practice and the games are different. We have to transfer what happens on the practice field into the game”, said McGee.

As the Blazers prepare for Saturday, UAB kicker Ty Long is rewarded for his 3-for-3 field goals against Vanderbilt by being name Conference USA Special Teams Player-of-the-Week.

“Ty is a competitor. Sometimes early in the season you need a setback or two to get your focus back and go back to your details. We never at all worry about his emotional state because he’s not the average kicker. He’s a real football player. I expect him to continue to do well going forward”, said McGee.

Field goals won’t be enough by themselves this Saturday if UAB wants to win their first conference game and get the Blazers on a winning track.

“Touchdowns are a lot better than field goals. You have to score touchdowns to win games. You can stay in games with field goals and good defense, but to win games you have to score touchdowns. We couldn’t catch a rhythm on offense and made a lot of mistakes. I think we will be better this weekend. I don’t worry about our offense”, said McGee.

UAB plays Florida Atlantic in their first USA conference game of the season this Saturday at 2 p.m. at Legion Field.


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