Blazers drop conference opener to FAU

By on October 5, 2013
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The Blazers lost out to Florida Atlantic on Saturday 37-23 at UAB’s first Conference USA game.

“We have good kids and our kids really want to do well and they try to do the right thing. It did not look like they were very motivated and inspired throughout the game which is a big issue when you’re in such a big game at the beginning of your conference. After a game like that, you’re very emotional and down but in regards to our athletes and our ability to recruit we’re doing really well”, said head coach Garrick McGee.

In the first quarter of the game, running back Greg Franklin ran a 43 yard return that led to a later touchdown executed by running back Jordan Howard.

UAB’s third quarter brought a 29 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jamari Staples and a total of three field goals by kicker Ty Long.

Despite some personal victories on the field, the Blazers are doing their best to keep up the morale of the team.

“If we’re not inspired and motivated, we’re not going to do well on the field on game day. I think our kids got uptight. When you get like that and you’re controlling the ball like that, it’s a bad position for the offense to be in. I think we were in shock that the other team could control the ball that well. We work the block, it’s an important play. Once you give away the touchdown, you continue playing and you make the block to turn it around” said McGee.

“We didn’t defend the runs well. We didn’t execute our plays well. We’ve got to do our jobs and make our plays. We are not executing well at the moment. We were motivated; we did everything we were told to. We’ve got a lot of young players so maybe they were nervous. It wasn’t an issue with motivation, it was nerves. We worked too hard to get the ‘W’ not to fix our plays and come back out swinging”, said defensive end Diaheem Watkins.

Linebacker Jake Ganus had similar feeling about the outcome of the game. “Having the score tied in the fourth quarter and then losing it at the end hurts a lot. It goes back to mental errors. We’ve all got to be on the same page with our plays. Everyone’s really upset, we wanted to win, but we’re not going to dwell on it. We’ve got to get our act together and we’re not going to hang our heads over it. We’ve got a lot of work to do for the next game.”

“They had a good game plan. We didn’t score enough points and that’s really all there is to say about the whole thing. We’ve got a long season ahead of us and we’re going to find out what went wrong and how to fix it” said running back Darrin Reaves who had his worst outing of the season on the ground but made up for it with 85 yards through the air.

The Blazers play at Florida International University next Saturday at 6:30 p.m.



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  • Albert Pride

    Motivation has to come from within, no matter how much teaching and encouragement is given, yet a wise person once said that attitude is a reflection of leadership. The first conference game of the season, . From my vantage point, the offense was playing its’ part, it was the defense that was completely out of pocket and devoid of passion, save for a handful of players, Slaughter and Ganus, most noticeably. To allow a team that is 12th in the conference in total offense and in the top 5 nationally in turnovers come into your rent-a-stadium and just curb stomp you like that is just plain incredulous, especially when you talk about eradicating “the culture of losing?” I’m pretty that this isn’t how to do it, giving up nearly 600 yards in total offense. How much disappointment is a fan base expected to endure? There was a pretty decent crowd on hand that played its’ part for this game and they were as animated and into it as any I’ve been around in a while, and for the defense to just lay down like they did is unacceptable, and you can bet this may very well discourage many of them from coming back. This one bothered me more than the Troy game. What it all comes down to after all is said and done is intestinal fortitude. As a season ticket holder, I was very dismayed by what I saw on the defensive side of the ball for UAB, not the offense, definitely not the special teams, they stepped up big time with two blocked FG attempts and a point after rejection. When is the defense going to “play its’ part?”

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