Breaking the Cycle of Negative Body Image

By on October 10, 2013

Short. Tall. Fat. Skinny. This long-running topic of body image and the fashion industry has become increasingly exhausting for me. Will the comparisons and criticisms ever end? Probably not. Ancient Greeks and Romans were fixated on this idea of perfection, so it should not come as a surprise that we, in the 21st century, continue to obsess over it as well. What can change, however, is the way we choose to view ourselves and whether or not we will continue to feed ourselves (no pun intended) with constant negativity.

I feel like there is a nasty cycle in place that we need to break ourselves from. Comparing, self-bashing, crash-dieting, binging, repeating. What does all of this accomplish? What is this teaching the younger girls who are looking up to us? If we as women continue to criticize every pudge, roll, and dimple on our bodies, how can we truly expect the fashion industry, mainstream media, or the views of our impressionable youth to change? We all have to make the conscious decision to either accept our bodies or create a HEALTHY plan to live a better lifestyle. Wallowing somewhere in the middle doesn’t benefit any of us.

As a proud size 14, I thought that I would dedicate this post to all of you who don’t exactly fit into that “size 2″ category either. Below are a few of my favorite pieces that I have picked out, many of which come in plus sizes. There are links that send you straight to the online store as well. Enjoy!

Young & Broke | Fashion For Less

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