Music Review: Seryn — ‘This is Where We Are’

By on November 19, 2013

Seryn is a six piece band made up of guitars, ukulele, accordion, bass, viola, banjo, and percussion that hails from Denton, Texas. Their unique blend of voices and intonation, layered along with the flurry of instrumental insight on their debut album creates a dynamic sound that would be surprising to expect from the band.

Their debut album, “This is Where We Are,” was recorded backwards from what is the norm of recording the album in order to transfer those sounds into live performance. Their album actually plays as if it were a very well done live performance. The sounds of their voices come off to be crisp and clear, to the point where their harmonies sound extraordinary and unusually perfect.

Each track from the album seems to transform itself from the frame of folk music into a more pop-radio specific sound. This is especially highlighted within the track ‘We Will All Be Changed.’ There’s a really interesting entrance that begs to be a slow simmer into a more complete gathering of happy-go-lucky pop music. Seryn’s music begs for patience in order to win the listener over in the end.

Seryn is the perfect example of a democracy within music. They make sure to remind the listener that they are individuals within a group setting, and it is especially heard within each track. They set each other off in the perfect manner–by making each individual voice known within the larger round sound of the collective group. This familiarity creates comfort for anyone who chooses to listen or see the band live in person.

They’ll definitely inspire a range of emotions, whether it’s sadness and melancholy to a more inviting “get-excited-just-because,” Seryn has the capability to serve to all types of feelings, ranging from the ones they try to use to communicate with on their own, to the ones the listener experiences while listening.

They’ve also got the fan base to back-up their musical ability. They’ve been nominated for both Best Folk Artist and Song of The Year (Dallas Observer). They’ve been described as having a “big sky” sound by the Dallas Observer, which, frankly, could not be more accurate. The band’s ability to knock the listener off their feet with their unique sound makes for a fun and friendly welcome from anyone who decides to be swooned by the band.

Seryn will be at WorkPlay Theatre on Friday, November 22. Tickets are on sale now for $10 advance or $12 for general admission.

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