Delivery Man not worth the price of a ticket

By on December 6, 2013

Directed by: Ken Scott

Starring: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, and Cobie Smulders

Written by: Ken Scott and Martin Petit

The trailer lied.

I must have watched it seven times. Delivery Man looked like a heartwarming and funny movie from the two and a half minute preview.

But how I was disappointed.

I was never a fan of Vince Vaughn. Personally, I find his movies to be crass and a little bitter, but I was taken in by the honest and open look of his latest project.

The movie is about a screw-up named David Wozniak (Vaughn) who drives a delivery truck for his father’s meat business. In need of money, David sold his sperm to a clinic years prior to the beginning of the film. A lawyer informs David, now 40-something, that he’s fathered 533 children, 142 of whom are suing to know the identity of their biological father.

This news is complicated by the fact that David is in money trouble yet a gain (he owes $80,000 to a loan shark) and that his girlfriend just got pregnant.

Granted, it’s a far-fetched premise, but one that I think modern audience can conceive of in today’s world of in vitro fertilization and surrogacy. After all, some movies take a ridiculous premise and explore the humanity of its characters in full force.

Delivery Man does not do that. The plot’s resolutions are lazy, and Vaughn’s performance is shallow. His sluggish and lethargic acting created no illusion. I was constantly aware of the celebrity, never taken in by the character.

Chris Pratt does provide some comic relief as David’s incompetent lawyer and friend, but overall the movie is neither funny, nor heartwarming. The characters hardly experience any growth, and a long, angry soliloquy from Vaughn near the end comes across as preachy.

If theater tickets were a dollar, this movie would be overpriced.

Personal rating: ½ star (out of 5) 

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