All Aboard the Blazer Express!

By on January 6, 2014
By Gerrie Lim

Students coming to classes from Spring 2014 and onward may now rejoice!

Those returning to UAB are well aware of the perils one faces when trying to find a parking space, and while there are a few lots where spaces are available after 10am, they often lie so far away from the heart of campus that traversing to class feels like an urban expedition rather than a stroll.

Parking in these areas may cause anxiety as to whether or not one will make it to class on time, and for those who have night classes, safety while returning to one’s vehicle may also be a concern.

However, starting this semester, UAB will be easing worries by launching the new Blazer Express bus system.

The system consists of six bus routes, color coded for user clarification and convenience, and is free for students, employees, and authorized visitors to use.

The buses stop at many remote parking areas as well as at numerous buildings throughout campus, such as Rast Hall, Kaul Genetics Building, the campus bookstore, and the Chemistry Building. The buses are available all throughout the day and late into the night, with the Blue Route starting at 5:30 am and the Orange and Purple Routes running until midnight.

Each bus route is only available during certain time periods, but the later running routes encircle most of campus, so fear not!

Additionally, if one misses a bus, the wait time for most routes is between 8-15 minutes. Each bus is wheelchair accessible and most buildings on campus are 5 minutes away from a bus stop.

Detailed information on routes and the Blazer Express can be found at:

With close proximity parking becoming scarcer as the rate of enrollment at UAB continues to rise, hopefully the new bus system will ease stress and anxiety for those who commute to classes, and make UAB an even more readily accessible campus for everyone than ever before.

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