DIY: Ring Display

By on January 15, 2014
Set your rings up and display!

We all have our guilty pleasures. It may be watching a television show that offers no brain stimulation whatsoever or reading through random Wikipedia pages for hours at a time. Maybe your guilty pleasure is putting off all your responsibilities and just being lazy for a day. They’re all pretty harmless pleasures, so why do we feel guilty for indulging ourselves a little?

I guess buying costume jewelry is my guilty pleasure. But all things considered, I spend the least amount of money on sparkly bits and bobs. We’ll talk about my growing addiction to candelabras another time.

I’m really excited about this project. I’ve been thinking and plotting over it since last summer, but for some reason, I just never got around to doing it. I didn’t have the right fabric, or I wasn’t sure what material to use for cushioning. But as it turns out, I had everything I needed all along: a picture frame, purple satin, and felt sheets. This was super easy to put together, and I think it turned out pretty great.

First, I removed the backing and the glass from the picture frame and spray painted the frame with three coats of gold paint. If you do use spray paint, be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside.

Once the paint was completely dry, I replaced the cardboard backing in order to use the frame as a guideline for the next step. Taking the felt sheets one at a time, I rolled them up and placed them inside the frame to figure out how many I would need. I ended up needing to cut some down to size in order to fit them in.

When I knew where I wanted them to go, I took them back out and secured each roll with a strip of hot glue to keep them from unraveling. Then I glued the rolls onto the cardboard backing. Once that was all set, I removed the backing from the frame again, draped my fabric over the rolls, and cut the fabric so that several extra inches remained on each side. I used a gift card to push the fabric down between the rolls. (TIP: As you push the fabric down, be sure to keep a firm hand over the work you’ve already done and move the card from one end to the other. This prevents the fabric you’ve already pushed down from coming back up.)

Now comes the tedious part! When I had my fabric the way I wanted it, I realized that it would be a lot harder getting the frame back on with the added bulk of the fabric. But I just took it slowly, tucking in one corner and one edge at a time until the backing was completely in place and I was able to press the snaps back down. Then all I had to do was use my card to re-press a couple of ends and trim the excess fabric off the back. I set some of my rings in place, and voila!

These would be lovely in a range of colors set up on your dresser. Or my dresser. It’s so tempting to go out and buy more rings.

Total price: $0.00

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