DIY: Spirit Fingers

By on January 5, 2014

The holidays have come and gone once again, but winter is just getting started. While I’m one of the few who quite likes cold weather, my skin doesn’t feel the same way. My hands are especially susceptible to dryness and painful cracking, so I have to keep them moisturized and fashionably protected from the cold.

This project is wonderfully simple for that post-holiday lull. Maybe you’re still recuperating from all of the shopping and eating and socializing; this gives you something to do that doesn’t require too much fuss. All you need is a pair of plain gloves or mittens that could use some sprucing up. I happened to have fabric glue, fabric paint, and ribbon on hand; but you can use just about anything you want to make them your way.

For my first pair, I wanted to use these cute little rhinestone buckles I found (while shopping for something else entirely—that’s how it usually goes). I cut two strips of ribbon at the length I wanted—enough to wrap around the glove and form a little bow on the inside wrist. TIP: To prevent the ribbon from fraying, cut the ends at a diagonal or glue the edges down. I then threaded the ribbon through the buckle and slid the buckle to the center. Before applying any glue, I placed a piece of cardboard (a piece of cereal box works too!) inside the glove. This prevents glue from seeping through the fabric and sealing the glove shut. And it keeps the glove stretched open so that you can still fit your hand inside once the glue has dried the ribbon in place. It’s also a good idea to place the glue in just a few spots instead of all the way around the wrist. I applied the glue with a brush to ensure more control over the amount used. Be sure to check the instructions on the bottle for drying times and washing info.

To create the bow on the inside wrist, simply cross one end of ribbon over the other, cut a small length of ribbon to wrap around the center, and glue in place.

For my second pair of gloves, all I needed was fabric paint and a stencil. I made my own stencil by tracing the image I wanted onto a sheet of paper and cutting out the pieces. Again, be sure to insert a piece of cardboard into the gloves to prevent paint from going through to the other side. And instead of using a regular paint brush, I recommend a sponge or sponge brush because you’ll want to press the paint into the fabric as opposed to brushing it on. And make sure you follow the instructions on your bottle for drying and washing instructions!

These are just a few ideas for making over your gloves. If you know your way around a needle and thread, you could embroider an image on the backs of the gloves—your favorite constellation or maybe a pretty flower. You could attach some pearls or rhinestones. To keep it even simpler, you could pin pretty brooches in place; you could even use them to pin down a piece of ribbon instead of using glue. This makes it convenient to refashion the same pair of gloves over and over again. There are endless options for personalizing your old gloves and mittens. Have fun and keep warm!

Total price for both pairs of gloves: $3.24

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