Greek to the Rescue; Fraternity aids in Philippines relief

By on January 7, 2014
Members of the Beta Chi Theta Fraternity raised money to support aid in the Philippines. (Photo provided by Arun Nakhasi)

On November 8th, 2013 the Philippines were struck by a typhoon said to be 3.5 times worse than Hurricane Katrina. An LA Times headline, “Philippine city overwhelmed by task of burying typhoon victims,” shockingly exposed that the natural disaster had left tens of thousands killed, injured and displaced.

At UAB, the Omega Chapter of Beta Chi Theta Fraternity, Inc. immediately knew what they had to do. With a tenacious benevolent drive, the brothers swiftly organized a last-minute four day fundraiser in hopes of raising any money possible. The brothers sold donuts, held a penny wars competition amongst the Greeks, took whip-cream pies to the face, and rallied for a clothing drive.

Executing such a large-scale fundraiser with such haste had taken quite a toll on the fraternity. Nevertheless, the brothers of Omega chapter eagerly responded that the sacrifices were undoubtedly worth it. The chapter was inspired by the UAB community as numerous students, faculty, and staff adamantly refused to accept any compensation for their donations. Brothers were humbled as they witnessed a university janitor pay for a box of donuts, place the donuts back on the fundraiser table, and walk away with a smile on his face.

Brothers had exhausted themselves in donating their time, energy, and resources to help people located more than 8,000 miles away from them. More importantly, however, the community had come together for the greater good of humanity.

Four days later, the brothers were elated to have doubled their goal by raising $1,100 for the Philippines Red Cross and roughly 250 articles of clothing. The brothers next look forward to uphold their Service to Humanity pillar during their annual ‘BamaFest Basketball tournament in the Spring Semester.

Arun Nakhasi

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