Thanks to the Students Pushing Cars in the Snow

By on January 28, 2014
Group of students help car in snow.

I watched the chaos of the snow fall from Heritage, then the Commons and finally from the window of my friend’s dorm in Blount Hall.

I stood at the window facing the Greens for the majority of the time there. It was first just to watch the snow fall in its craziness. But it became more than that. Some people were preoccupied with why it took UAB so long to cancel classes, some people where concerned how they’d get to eat, when tests and assignments would be rescheduled, and others were concerned with how a stranger would reach the top of a hill.

A group of students stay out in the cold and push cars up the hill toward Snoozy’s on 10th Avenue.

When I first noticed the huge act of kindness, there are about five or six people out. The traffic was packed and the snow wasn’t moving off the road. Tires would spin and gain no traction at all. Of course, if a tire can’t grip, it’s hard for feet to.

I was at the dorm for about an hour and a half before the traffic cleared out and everyone left, but at times, there were as many as seventeen people out helping push cars. They pushed vehicles of all sizes, from taxi cab to minivan. They slipped and fell time after time, only to get up and keep pushing.

While standing in the warm comfort of a dorm with the taste of hot chocolate on my tongue, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of admiration toward the ever changing group of students.

As they stood in the road (in the heart of the traffic) waiting to move from car to car, people in the Green were having snow ball fights, taking pictures, “sledding” down the hills and having a snow day of a lifetime.

I’m not necessarily saying that my entire faith in humanity was restored, but I was absolutely pleased with the fact that such a large group of students took time out of their day in order to help people get home. It was completely selfless.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t take this as motivation to stand in the cold and freeze my gloveless fingers off to help strangers, but I think this should serve as a reminder to spare a few moments every now and then to help others out. Whether it be helping with car trouble, picking up a dropped folder of papers, or handing someone in need a few dollars.

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