UAB’s Snow ‘Daze’ 2014 (Photo Gallery)

By on January 30, 2014
Many students pitched in and helped push cars up 10th Ave South

UAB experienced a snow day Tuesday that ended up extending through Thursday as icy temperatures and a blanket of two inches of snow brought Magic City to a standstill.

Classes were not canceled until noon Tuesday so there was a nice layer of snow and ice on the roads as many people tried to head home. Many cars struggled to find traction in this wintery storm.

Many students saw the struggling cars attempting to make it up 10th Ave South and decided to lend a helping hand. A group of about ten students spent hours helping push and direct the vehicles up the slippery slope. While others spent their day blissfully sliding down slopes of the campus’s green.

The day was filled with many events, and UAB was still covered in a blanket of snow.

Photos by Molly Wilson

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