Vanderbilt dominates BBVA Compass Bowl

By on January 8, 2014
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Birmingham welcomed 42,717 to Legion Field for the BBVA compass bowl this past Saturday and the Vanderbilt Commodores took on the Houston Cougars.

The first half was all Vandy as they opened up a 24 point lead and held the Cougars to just 22 yards of offense.

The third quarter however, was all Houston. It started with Vandy quarterback Paton Robinette fumbling the ball which resulted in a Houston touchdown to bring the score to 24-7. Next scoring drive was Houston taking the ball 86 yards on six plays to bring the score to 24-14 in favor of the ‘Dores.

The Cougar defense then forced a punt and the offense drove the ball down to 13 yard line before the drive ended in a field goal narrowing the gap to just 7.

After forcing another punt, the Cougars scored on a 67 yard pass to tie the game up at 24 a piece with 19 seconds left in the third quarter, eliminating a 24 point deficit in a single quarter.

Vanderbilt recovered in the fourth thanks impart to an interception thrown by Houston quarterback, John O’korn.

Jordan Mathews shined as he had 5 catches for 143 and 2 touchdowns with a couple catches being highlight real material.

James Franklin may have coached his last game for Vanderbilt, as he refused to answer questions about his status and the Commodores head coach before or after the BBVA Compass Bowl. If it was his last game, his player fought hard to send their coach out right as they had a back up quarterback go 6-19 with 2 touchdowns and 2 interception, yet still found a way to maintain confidence after blowing a 24 point lead in the third quarter.

Vanderbilt finishes the season 9-4. Houston ends the year at 8-5 in the new AAC.

It was the largest attended game in Legion Field of the season.

Tripp Larsen
Sports Editor

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  • Unleash The Dragon

    It outdrew the so-called “Magic City Classic?” Yet, why is the bowl’s sponsor , BBVA Compass Bank, pulling out after this season, especially after the last pair of bowl games drew so exceptionally well, yet, after all is said and done, football-related events (Super are leaving Birmingham, but, this place is so darn “iconic” & “historic”, how come no one, and I mean no one, wants to play or watch a football game there anymore, it’s just baffling to me… And our football Blazers are systematcally forced to call this place “home.” The silence among those in leadership in UAB and the city of Birmingham about this town’s decomposing football climate is deafening. I’ve heard often that Birmingham will support a winner…In lieu of that has been lost over the years in this area in regards to football, we’d better find out if that’s true soon

    • Dragoner

      It didn’t outdraw the Classic. Once again the Kscope makes up information. The Magic City Classic 2013 attendance was 63,113 per their website.

  • Unleash The Dragon

    List of departed football related events (erroneously omitted from previous post) : Super 6, Papa John’s Bowl, SEC Championship, SWAC Championship, Labor Day Classic, & the Compass Bowl…”Football Capitol Of The South”, eh?
    Legion Field’s a glaring symbol of major embarrassment for this city if this is the best that Birmingham intends to offer up in the immediate future, but they continue to cling to the past & catering to this city’s enemies instead of creating for the future, & UAB is nothing more of a hostage” there than a tenant. Were it not for that conniving UA Board Of Trustees, our 27,500 seat on campus football stadium would have at least been halfway thru construction by now. But nooooo!
    You can’t create the future (on campus football stadium) by clinging to the past (Legion Field).
    I hope to be around in the next 5 years when the only other significant draw to that place, The Magic City Classic, has its’ contract with the city and LF expire. Get used to irrelevence in the meantime, if you haven’t already in the light of recent events preventing the UAB Football program and the city of Birmingham from enjoying a fertile football climate to grow and be successful in. Sure as hell don’t see it happening under the current status quo.

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