Blazers Tackle Winter Storm Together

By on February 3, 2014
Students help push cars up 10th Ave South

The city of Birmingham was caught off guard by the winter storm that hit the city Tuesday morning.  Meteorologists across the city had predicted light snow flurries across the region, with little to no precipitation sticking to the ground.  What happened in reality, however, surprised almost everyone, including UAB officials.

Classes were cancelled after noon, almost three hours after the snow began falling.  What ensued seemed like everyone’s worst nightmare; car wrecks were on virtually every intersection, and traffic was so backed up that very few were able to make it off campus.  As a result, hundreds of students and faculty members were stranded on campus.  Even after traffic died down, the roads remained icy and officials encouraged people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.  Because of the snowstorm, most of campus was shut down from noon Tuesday until Friday morning.  Only the Campus Recreation Center and the Commons on the Green remained open.  The Rec Center served as a place for people to sleep and shower, while the Commons provided food for those who remained on campus.

There are many reasons why the snow and ice were terrible for the city of Birmingham.  However, one positive effect of the storm was that it showed students, faculty, physicians, patients, and the citizens of Birmingham what it truly means to be a Blazer.  UAB students invited some stranded people shelter in their dorm rooms and lent hundreds of blankets and pillows to those stuck at the Rec Center.  In addition, those working on campus who did not make it out continued to work and support everyone else on campus.  Students around campus helped others whose cars were stuck or immobile.  Some helped push cars up slippery hills, while others helped move abandoned vehicles out of the way.  The entire community of Blazers opened their hearts to help those around them, even if it meant going out of their way.

President Watts sent a heartfelt message to UAB students Friday morning stating, “The best part of UAB has and always will be the people – our students, faculty and staff. That is no secret. I can’t say that I am surprised by the way you reacted this week, but I can say that I am proud to be affiliated with you as a part of the UAB community.”

As a Blazer, I am proud to say that we are always here for each other – in both good times and bad.

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