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By on February 11, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to write and loved to make crafty things. She also loved glitter and anything sparkly. I’m talking about me, of course! I also love to share ideas with other crafty people, so keep reading to see how I made my own fairytale book cover.

Materials used: an old sketchbook, satin fabric, adhesive spray, hot glue gun, Mod Podge (in gloss), glitter, X-acto knife, adhesive pearls and gemstones. It sounds like a lot, but this was pretty easy to throw together.

First, I laid the book down on some fabric and cut out what I needed. I snipped a couple of extra inches around the book so there would be enough to tuck inside the cover. Then, I took the book, fabric, and adhesive spray outside because adhesive spray has an extremely strong odor. The can I have says “Low-Odor” but no, no, no. So take it outside and be sure to lay down some old newspaper to protect your work area because the spray will dry sticky.

I applied the adhesive spray only on the front and back covers of the book; I didn’t spray the spine because I wanted the fabric to have some mobility when opening and closing the book. After letting it dry outside (yes, the smell is really that awful and also hazardous) for the time specified on the can, I brought the book back inside and used my hot glue gun to seal the edges inside the book. TIP: Cut a tiny slit in the fabric that will be glued just inside the spine. This makes everything lie down nice and flat.

For the font, I found an image online that I liked, printed it out, and traced the outline of the letters onto the back of the paper. Then I flipped it back over and brushed Mod Podge across the top of the letters, then sprinkled glitter over the Mod Podge. I let it dry for about 15 minutes, poured the excess glitter back into the container, then brushed another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal the glitter and keep it from falling over the place. Once that layer dried, I flipped the paper back over to the side that had the letters traced out and cut them all out. My letters were fairly small, so I used an X-acto knife, but scissors would work with larger letters. Then I brushed the back of each letter with Mod Podge and stuck them in place.

For the final touch, I decided where I wanted my pearls and gemstones, and then I put a dab of Mod Podge on the back of each one and set them in place. And that was it!

One thing I learned while doing this—because I will most definitely make more that have even more glitter and shiny baubles—is to remove any labels or stickers on the cover of the book before using the adhesive spray. The label on my sketchbook became stained from the spray and it showed through the fabric. So, if you plan to make your own, keep that in mind. Alternatively, you could adhere something over that area of fabric, like a small plaque or mirror.

I hope this inspired you to go create your own fairytale!

Total price: $6.00

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