Single On Valentine’s? Don’t Cry Just Yet

By on February 14, 2014

If someone was to ask me to plan the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day, I would have to excuse myself. I have only once in my life had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and it was at the very emotionally mature age of 14. I have become a pro on the non-romantic Valentine’s Day, and am here to share some ideas for all of us who are single.

Gal-antine’s Day: To all the single ladies (cue Beyoncé), why not have a “Gal”-antine’s day? We all have that one girlfriend who is in the long-term relationship with that guy she met at camp, but forget her. Gather up your single gal pals and celebrate yourselves. Inspiration for this can be found in a plethora of pop culture cult hits, ranging from Sex and the City to Steel Magnolias. Valentine’s Day this year happens to fall on a Friday, making it easy for your group to go dancing, go get fro-yo, or check out a new bar or restaurant.

Feed the other parts of your soul: Valentine’s Day may be a harsh reminder of just how single you are, but instead of wallowing, why not let it be a reminder of how fortunate you are? Homeless shelters need extra help during the winter, so why not go and volunteer at one for a day. Or if you’re lost on where your able hands can do the most good, check out the Valentine’s Day Campus Community Speed matching session to find a non-profit that suits your skills or interests.

Be “current”: Despite being cursed with Valentine’s Day, February is also blessed with significant cultural spectacles: the Oscars and the Olympics. Use this Friday to catch up on this year’s Oscars films, some even playing at the dollar movie theater in Hoover. Most of these films contain violence, drugs, and other non-romantic themes, so they will be perfect to get you out of the V-day slump. As for the Olympics, men’s free-skating and women’s aerial skiing are both airing Valentine’s night.

Do something cool in the city: Valentine’s Friday is more than stocked with events, concerts, and happenings all over Birmingham. If campus seems adrift with lovers, then grab a friend, ditch the Green and head to Bottletree, Workplay, or your personal favorite venue. Bottletree is hosting a night for the “romantically challenged,” in which players complete in TV show style dating games, while Workplay is hosting not one but two awesome concert–the folky and magical Lord Huron with Night Beds, and the emotionally intense Russian Circles with Ken Mode and Arma.

So, this Valentine’s Day don’t get ditched, and do one of the fun suggestions above. If you need more information on the shows that night, visit and

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