By on February 4, 2014

About Gerrie Lim

Like around roughly 85% of UAB, Gerrie Lim is on a health field related-track (Physician's Assistant, to be precise). Gerrie is a Communications Broadcasting Major with a minors in Biology and Theatre. She knows what you're thinking: "What went wrong?" If only she knew the answer to that too. On Saturday nights, you can usually find her watching the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, where she wants to work at one day. Gerrie Lim is currently a sophomore at the time of quickly scribbling this little biography and enjoys writing autobiographies. She thinks it doesn't do her justice, and she thanks you for looking at whatever page you found it. Gerrie is currently a writer, photographer and, weirdly, a cartoonist for the UAB's Kaleidoscope. You can find her on Instagram at @chopstickgirl.
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