2014-2015 UAB USGA General Election Results

By on March 31, 2014

The UAB USGA announced the results for the 2014-2015 elections. The Vice President and Student Advocate candidates did not receive a majority of votes. A runoff election will be held April 3. The elections concluded March 20.

Anjali Wagle

Vice President*
Lauren Michal
Jeremy Mock

Candice Mosely

Weslie Shannon

Student Advocate*
Sudhi Kaushik
Candra Long

Senators – College of Arts & Sciences (15 Senate seats)
1. Roni Alcantara
2. Emilee Anders
3. Rohit Borah
4. Piyush Borse
5. Peyton Chandler
6. Bliss Chang
7. Miles Erbe
8. Sarah Griffin
9. Erin Hoppens
10.Allen Mao
11. Ryan Miller
12.Briana Miller
13. Chirag Patel
14. Ranjani Ponnazhagan
15.Steven Sheibley

Senators – School of Business (6 Senate Seats)
1. Mattie Boyd
2. Cody Byrd
3. Conner Griffith
4. Eric King
5. Alexandria Lewis
6. Lauren Trudell

Senators – School of Education (4 Senate Seats)
1. Jalen Hampton
2. Justin Kirk
3. Michaella Langford
4. Luke Mahan

Senators – School of Engineering (4 Senate seats)
1. MaryRose Kammer
2. Sagar Kaushik
3. Swetha Surianarayanan
4. Donovan White

Senators – School of Health Professions (3 Senate seats)
1. Anmol Ahuja
2. Yashna Krishnamani
3. Catherine McCarty

Senators – School of Nursing (3 Senate seats)
1. Katie Harlan
2. Brittany Osborne
School of Nursing has 3 seats, but only two candidates. There is one open seat in the School of Nursing to be filled by appointment.

Senator-School of Public Health (choose 2)
1. Aarin Palomares
2. Jacqueline Upp

Senators-at-Large (5 Senate seats)
1. Christen Carver
2. Bigyan Mainali
3. Evan Smith
4. Kaustubh Udipi
5. Varshini Venkatesan

Constitutional Referendum
The referendum for the new USGA constitution passed.
Email us at usga@uab.edu or call us at (205) 934-8020 for more information on upcoming events!

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