Anti-Gay Critics Make False and Inappropriate Accusations against Frozen

By on March 14, 2014

Truly, the hatred and ignorance of people has no bounds and is willing to make mountains out of nonexistent molehills.

Recently, Kevin Swanson, a pastor of the Reformation Church, along with Kathryn Skaggs, has come out saying that the hit Disney film “Frozen” is an indoctrination for homosexuality.

The two of them have gone around spreading their hatred and ignorance for the LGBT community by saying that the film is hurting the young minds of children. Clearly the two have nothing better to do if using this film is the best they can do in starting up rumors that will affect people more.

The only evidence for the so-called subliminal homosexuality messages provided by Skaggs “is the suggestion that the main character Elsa’s magical power is a metaphor for homosexuality: She is ostracized by the public and even her family, just like the ‘demonization of homosexuals by society’’” (Yahoo News).

This is wrong on several levels. Magic has long since been an unknown and feared element in the world. For thousands of years magic has been seen as an evil force and those who were accused of being witches were killed for it.

The fact that a character who is ostracized for using magic is not a hidden meaning; it is a fact of history and great story telling.

Swanson, meanwhile, has started up all sorts of accusations with no base “just five months after he made headlines for suggesting that ‘wicked’ Girl Scouts were agents of lesbianism and abortion” (New York Daily News).

Swanson rambles on about how Christians will burn at the stake for allowing same sex marriage to exist and how that “If [he] was the Devil, [he] would buy Disney in 1984” (The Guardian).

These accusations and statements are ludicrous and are trying to turn a cute kids’ movie into a wicked piece of evil.

Other accusations by anti-gay supporters is that the fact that the sisters save each other and are not rescued by a handsome prince is proof that they are lesbians.

This is just sad. The meaning of the film is about the love of family. These are two sisters who care for each other like real sisters would and people are trying to say by “loving” each other they are committing sins.

To put the idea that it is wrong to love your sister, or even for women to save themselves, is wrong.

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