College Professor Steals From and Attacks Two Girls For Protesting Abortion

By on March 17, 2014

In the continuing debate on pro life vs. pro choice, a violent turn has been taken by pro choice supporters.

At the University of California, two sisters named Thrin and Joan Short, ages sixteen and twenty-one, were robbed and attacked by Professor Mireille Miller-Young as they held an anti abortion protest in a free speech zone on campus.

Miller-Young gathered a small crowd and started shouting pro abortion slogans as she incited up a mob. Miller-Young, who “is a professor of Feminist Studies whose emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography, and sex work” (, grabbed the sisters’ signs that depicted a picture of an aborted fetus and said it was inappropriate.

Miller-Young stormed off with two students as she taunted the sisters. When they followed her while filming the actions, they went to an elevator where Miller-Young proceeded to kick and push at the girls while her students took the sign away.

While people may never fully agree on the matter of pro life vs. pro choice, it is important to keep it civilized. The actions of Miller-Young were out of line and illegal.

Thrin Short explained that Miller-Young said “that she was twice as old as [her] and had three degrees, so they should listen to her and not [Thrin]” (Daily Caller).

The statements by Miller-Young have no basis just because she is older and has degrees. If age and symbols of power made you right then Adolf Hitler would have also been right in his actions of the Holocaust and waging war on the world.

Miller-Young said the images on the sign were offensive even though she shows porn in her classes. This goes to show that she was acting out her opinions in acts of hatred and violence rather than civil protest. She had no legal rights to demean the girls, steal their property, and assault them. Despite Miller-Young’s declarations that she had a moral right to do all those things she was wrong to do so.

Joan Short firmly believes that their protests were in the right and that “if people are offended by the images they should take a closer look at the issue of abortion. She said she does not think she went too far by using graphic content to spread her message” (Fox News).

The actions of Miller-Young don’t represent those of all pro choice defenders, but they do violate the rights of the Short sisters and she verbally and physically assaulted them so she could have her way.

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