Parking Wars: UAB Style

By on March 4, 2014

Parking in a big city can be a hassle. That hassle can quickly turn into full blown frustration, especially when you’re trying to get somewhere. It is safe to say that this frustration is shared by many of UAB’s students, residents and commuters alike.

I happen to commute from a town that’s about twenty minutes from Birmingham, so ideally I shouldn’t have to leave my house more than thirty to thirty-five minutes before my class starts. In reality, I have to leave a little over an hour early just to insure that I am able to find a parking spot. Katie Smith, a fellow commuter and classmate agrees, “If your class isn’t an early or late class, you have to leave an hour early, or you might miss it.” Smith and I have both been locked out of our class before because we weren’t able to find a spot in time. Not only are students missing class because of the limited amount of parking, but I have also witnessed quite a few arguments over parking spots. Arguments that could have easily been avoided if UAB had a sensible amount of parking space.

“It is extremely frustrating to deal with the limited parking on UAB’s campus. As a resident of Blazer Hall, we had a lot next to our building designated for our use, but now it’s being transformed into yet another freshman dorm. So as if parking wasn’t hard enough to come by, let’s add more living space and even less parking,” freshman resident, Tori Harrison said.

Another repercussion students are facing because of this problem is paying unnecessary fees and parking tickets.

“I paid $130 dollars of my hard-earned money to park on campus near my dorm, but now I’m driven to park in the only available spaces: parking decks that cost money. I have accumulated numerous parking tickets because I have to park anywhere I can find space. UAB needs to turn their focus from expansion of building to expansion of parking because it really is ridiculous,” Harrison said.

So what can we do about this as a student body? I have sent an email to UAB’s president, Dr. Watts, telling him my opinion on this issue. I encourage you to do the same so that he can see just how much of a problem this is.  Even if he is not able to do anything about it right now, maybe in the future he will remember our complaints and try to remedy them as best as he can. Complaining to each other is not going to fix anything. We are going to have to take action and make the “higher-ups” aware of the injustices we are facing. Remember that sometimes it’s up to the masses to make a change.

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