Portland Cabbie Ejects Couple for being Lesbians

By on March 12, 2014

UAB is proud of its tolerance for all types of people despite race or sex.

But not everyone has an open mind about people different than themselves.

Last summer, in Portland, Oregon, a cabbie violated civil rights when he ejected a lesbian couple and a male friend from his cab and left them on the side of the highway late at night. After making aggressive homophobic comments, the cabbie, Ahmed Egal, pulled over on I-84 to push them out.

Of course, ejecting the three of them wasn’t enough, so “Egal also called 911 and told the dispatcher that the women were refusing to pay their fare” (Yahoo News).

The couple and their friend had to climb over a wall, through bushes, and over a fence before they found an officer to take them home. The couple wasn’t willing to let Egal’s actions slide by and they were right to take action against him.

After Egal’s discriminatory act, the couple filed a complaint for their civil rights under the 2007 Oregon Equality Act. Upon further investigation, it was found that “Egal acted alone when he stopped service to his passengers, meaning that his former employer, Broadway Cab, will not be held liable for his actions” (The Raw Story).

Egal intends to fight these charges in the name of the city of Portland. He has been quoted saying, “’I love this city. I think it was the best. Portland is real different. I regret that the city that I loved became this way’” (ABC News). It is ludicrous that Egal thinks he was acting out for the good of his city when he placed three people in danger.

It is simply unbelievable that Egal intends to fight these charges. He refuses to come to a settlement with the firm belief he did the right thing. There was nothing in his actions that was right.

Discriminatory thoughts aside, he still left three people on the side of the highway late at night. Doing that is outrageous and violates human rights. The couple and their friend were lucky to have found an officer to take them home, otherwise who knows what could have happened to them.

In addition, to think he can call 911 and think he can have them pay was ridiculous. If someone refused you service, even after they already did a little beforehand, it is natural to not want to pay. Doing so would only encourage the service provider to continue to force money out of people when they don’t want to serve them.

It is saddening that there are people who think they can use hatred to justify their actions. That will never be the answer, and hopefully people will learn to be more tolerant and accepting.

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