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By on April 21, 2014

Twas the week before finals, and all through the halls not a student was studying because John Legend was in town.

I know that with two exams, one paper, and one presentation this week, I should have been studying but Legend’s concert at the Alys Stephens Center will one I will never forget. Out of all of the concerts and performances I have been to, this was one of the best.

Legend’s concert was a part of his All of Me Tour. This tour is different from his prior tours: he did not have a complete cast of musicians and there were no backup singers.

Instead, Legend was accompanied on stage by a sole guitarist, string quartet, and ten lucky individuals who were sitting in love seat sofas about 10 feet away from John Legend.

The Jemison Concert Hall was transformed into John Legend’s living room.

The setting was very intimate and even though I was sitting in the second to last row, I felt as if I was just a few feet away from him. Imagine, if you can, 1300 of John’s closest friends sitting around his fireplace laughing, talking, and listening to him sing.

The performance lasted a little over two hours. In that time-span, the audience was taken through some of John’s most popular songs from his four studio albums. The twenty-one song set list had the crowd captivated and involved the whole night.

The night started with a song called “Made to Love” from his latest studio album, “Love In the Future.”  John Legend’s first studio album was “Get Lifted.” Because of this album, he was awarded a Grammy in 2006 for Best New Artist and Best R&B Album.

From this album, the audience was able to listen to the following songs: “Lets Get Lifted,” “Used to Love U,” “She Don’t Have to Know,” “So High,” and “Ordinary People.” Songs played from his second album, “Once again,” included “Maxine,” “Again,” “Where Did my Baby Go,” and “Save Room.”

From his third album, “Evolver,” he played one of his most popular songs “Green Light,” “Good Morning,” and “Everybody Knows.”  From his latest album, he played “You & I,” “Who Do We Think We Are,” and “Caught Up.”

In between these songs, Legend would talk with the audience and tell anecdotes about some of the songs and his start in the music industry. He played one of his favorite gospel songs “I Won’t Complain” and also covered Simon and Garfunkel’s song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

One of the most interesting moments of the night came when he talked about how his songs are written. He first starts with a melody and the music and then begins to sing gibberish. He demonstrated this and even though what he was saying did not make any sense; it was the most beautiful gibberish I had ever heard.

Of course the night would not have been complete without Legend singing his new number one hit song “All of Me.”

After receiving a standing ovation, Legend came back to serenade the audience with his latest masterpiece. He received another standing ovation after the song, and with that our wonderful night had come to a close.

As I was walked back to my dorm, I hummed “All of Me” over and over again. It was a great way to delay finals studying.


Written by Dhruv Patel

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