DIY: Clock Makeover

By on April 10, 2014

Another semester is winding down, but the work left to be done only intensifies with the final projects and exams. It’s easy to lose track of the time, but maybe it will help if your eyes are drawn to the clock!

Materials and tools needed: old clock, screwdriver, sandpaper, primer, paint, and access to a printer

I took my clock apart piece by piece and gave all the nooks and crannies a good cleaning. To remove the hands, I turned the top hand as I pulled up on it.

TIP: Be gentle; the hands of time are fragile little things.

Before spray painting the exterior, I made sure to sand it (to prevent the paint from dripping down a slick surface) and to prime it (to give the paint longevity). I also painted the clock hands for a little pop of metallic against the white background.

I measured the old clock face and resized the image I found to fit those specifications. I printed the new clock face onto construction paper.

After cutting it out, I ran into two problems.

The first problem was that the old clock face was very firmly glued in place, and I could not remove it no matter how hard I clawed at it. When I decided to just place the new paper over the old, the original clock face showed through the paper!

The solution was simple: I just placed an extra sheet of construction paper between the old and the new clock faces.

To make the hole in the center of the paper, I recommend using small, fine-tipped scissors or an X-acto knife. I couldn’t find mine, so I put the paper where it needed to go and wiggled the clock hands back into place until they punched a hole in the paper—a risky but effective maneuver.

After putting all the pieces back together, I had a brand new clock that only cost me a little bit of time.

Total Cost: $0.00

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