Five Year Old Boy Hacks XBox

By on April 8, 2014
Here is a selection of games that won't cut into your bank account to much. Wikimedia Commons

Kristoffer Von Hassel is the latest name to be added to be added to a web page for security researchers; he joins those who discover flaws with Mircosoft products and honored for it.

He is also only five years old.

Von Hassel discovered that he could hack into his father’s Xbox account by typing in the wrong password and bring up a second password verification box. By pressing the spacebar multiple times and hiting enter, he was able to login the account.

As reported by Kristoffer when achieving this feat he declared, “’I was like… yeah!’” (CNN). It is certainly a natural response for managing to hack into gaming software that even older teens and adults might not figure out.

Robert Davies, Kristoffer’s father, discovered what his son had done after finding out he had been playing inappropriate video games.

“Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool,” Davies said after being explained how Von Hassel accomplished the feat (USA Today).

It certainly is hard to stay mad when a young child discovers a major flaw that could save far worse trouble in the future, even if he did use it for his own gain at first.

Kristoffer’s name was honored on the security researchers’ page after he and his father reported the problem and was awarded “four free games, $50, and a year-long subscription to Xbox Live,” (BBC News).

While the profits do add up to hundreds of dollars’ worth it almost seems like a cheap price for the hacking discovery made.

This shows how small children should never be underestimated. Many often look down on children because they think that because they are older they are therefore far more intelligent and powerful.

The imagination of children should never be limited because their minds work in ways that even grown men and women can’t comprehend, especially as the world continues to advance. Children are far more active and have more free time so that allows them opportunities to create and discover things they may not be able to in a couple decades.

This shows just how much children need to be encouraged to play and think differently. If everyone thought the same or in the way elders wanted them to think humanity’s way of moving forward would be halted.

All of the adults who create or discover amazing things all start as children and what they think and discover then can lead them to remarkable results.

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