USGA releases latest election results, renewed commitment

By on April 15, 2014

The Undergraduate Student Government Association looks forward to a brighter new school year with a staff overhaul and an amended constitution.
“New student positions that have been set forth and we really hope to make this upcoming year a great one,” Ambassador Weslie Shannon said.
Rising senior Anjali Wagle, a neuroscience student, defeated current USGA Secretary Samantha Turner for the Presidency. Wagle will replace current President Andrew Hayes.
A runoff election was held on April 3 after no candidate for the offices of Executive Vice President or Student Advocate won a majority of the votes on March 20.
Ultimately sophomore Lauren Michal took the Executive Vice President seat while Candra Long took the Student Advocate position.
Students also elected Secretary Candice Mosely, Treasurer Weslie Shannon, as well as new Senators for the College of Arts and Sciences, the Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, Nursing, and the School of Public Health, and five Senators-at-Large.
In addition to voting for USGA members, students were also able to vote on a referendum to change the USGA constitution. The referendum passed. Students cast their votes for USGA online as well as at the Commons, Sterne Library, and the Business and Engineering Complex.
The 2014-2015 USGA, in addition to gaining new members and a new constitution, will inherit a new aura of negativity.
“I can’t speak for the newly elected members, but this previous class was very passionate and they wanted to get a lot of things done and they tried their level best to do so. But it’s a collaborate effort and we didn’t find the support in the student body or the administration,” Freshman International Relations student Sudhi Kaushik said.
An opinion article written in the UAB Kaleidoscope on April 8, just after the election results were released, referred to the current members as “Undergrad Slackers Governing Activities.”
The article stated that the current members did a subpar job in advertising its activities to the student body and noted that this group may not have lived up to the standards set by the previous government.
“The USGA administration was a great set of students who are by no means slackers in my eyes. There were issues regarding communications that we hope to turn around this year with many great ideas,” Shannon said.
Shannon currently serves as a UAB Ambassador, Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment and is a member of Universities Fighting World Hunger, Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority and the University Honors Program.
Kaushik, who served as Senator-at-Large for USGA, also had a response to the article.
“However, instead of being on the defensive, we need to take this opportunity to rebrand ourselves. We need to make promises, and actually fulfill those promises instead of making excuses for ourselves,” Kaushik added.
As of press time Wagle and other USGA members had not yet responded to the Kaleidoscope.

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