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By on May 22, 2014
Twin Peaks BR

“Twin Peaks” fans, rejoice! It was recently announced that the show would be making its debut on Blu-Ray, with all the bells and whistles one would hope for- and more than a few we fans never thought we’d get in the first place. Agent Cooper once famously said: “Every day, give yourself a present.” Well, I know what I’m getting myself at the end of June!

“Entertainment Weekly” broke the story that the whopping ten-disc set would not only include the series in its entirety, as one might expect, but also the pilot in both its original and extended “international” cut, which die-hard fans already know has a different resolution to the main mystery than the one on the show proper.

But that’s not all. For the first time, the prequel movie, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” will also be included in the set. Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have long talked about the many deleted scenes shot for the film, featuring characters that were on the show but not in the movie.

Despite online petitions, it seemed as if the deleted scenes would never be recovered, and indeed, might no longer exist, having either been destroyed or lost in a mysterious vault somewhere, never to be seen again. Lynch himself said that the question was moot, as the movie he edited was the movie he intended, and that there was no need, nor any reason for an extended “Director’s Cut.”

Fast forward to late last week, and his tune has changed somewhat. Though there will be no “Director’s Cut,” the long-lost scenes will indeed be on the box set, and as rumored, they’re a feature film unto themselves, running some ninety minutes or so in length. A trailer for the set can be found here, as well as a Tumblr account devoted to breaking news about the release here, which comes out on July 29th.

Twin Peaks BR 2But that’s not all! As per usual with a box set of this magnitude on Blu-Ray, special features abound, and not just ones recycled from the excellent “Definitive Gold Box Edition” on DVD. Making their appearances for the first time on Blu-Ray are deleted scenes from the show, outtakes, bloopers (can’t wait to see anything that involves Coop and that infamous llama!), and a host of interviews, including some with the actors from the show in character, which sounds amazing. Included in the latter is an interview with the Palmer family, which should be interesting, to say the least.

Last but not least, there’s a slew of new making of’s, behind the scenes footage, and featurettes focusing on everything from coffee and pie (but of course) to the show’s much-beloved jazzy, atmospheric soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti. Given that an entire subgenre has arisen in the time since the show aired around the music alone, with artists like Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Wolfe and Silencio, it makes perfect sense that the new box set would address the influence.

Of course, the show itself is worth the price of admission for neophytes alone. A key influence on scads of shows that have come since, from “Northern Exposure” to “Buffy,” from “Lost” to “The Killing,” from “Desperate Housewives” to “Pretty Little Liars,” a whole lot of shows owe a huge debt of gratitude for “Peaks” for paving the way. Further, the ahead-of-its-time show also pioneered a new, movie-like approach to television in which ongoing stories were told over the course of a season, setting the stage for a different kind of television show in which paying attention to detail mattered, and catching clues helped one to figure out what was going on in the long term.

Revolving around the murder of a popular teen in a Northwestern town near Seattle, the show sought to answer the question “Who killed Laura Palmer?” Of course, getting there was half the fun, and though many dismissed the show after pressure from viewers and higher-up executives forced Lynch and Frost to solve the main mystery at hand, it rebounded nicely with a darker, deeper mystery revolving around the creepy BOB.

The final episode was particularly jarring, leaving many unanswered questions to this day for hardcore fans, no doubt part of why the show remains a cult favorite. What exactly was up with the notorious Red Room? Why did everyone talk backwards? What was up with the Giant? Or the dancing dwarf? Was BOB real or the “evil that men do”?

Will this set answer some of those questions? Only time will tell, but this fan, for one, can’t wait.

You can per-order the set here, on Amazon, and be sure to follow the show’s tumblr page for up-to-date information on the release. Just remember: the owls are not what they seem…

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