Miraculous Save of Baby Shows Strength of Human Nature

By on June 12, 2014

There’re times when someone’s left no choice but to act on instinct and that led to the miraculous rescue of a one year old baby that “was spotted on the window ledge during a thunderstorm in Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province after apparently climbing out in search of its mother” (dailymail.co.uk). It was a sight that horrified spectators below and while it would have been easy to freeze up and cover their eyes, they chose to act in order to save the baby.

Video footage managed to capture spectators watching as the baby dangled on the ledge and prepared instantly to try and save the baby for the inevitable fall. Despite the heavy rain pouring and making the ground easier to slip on “the hero, Mr. Li, with his arms outstretched as the baby began to fall” (sky.com) and successfully saved the young baby.

On the matter of rescuing the baby Mr. Li said “it was ‘basic human instinct’ that motivated his heroic actions” (abcnews.go.com). On his thoughts during the event “Mr. Li said: ‘I didn’t think too much at the time. I was just afraid of failing to catch him’” (dailymail.co.uk). Actions such as the one carried out by Mr. Li and the other spectators in the area continue to show the good nature of humanity.

Fear of success can cause people not to try anything and make them freeze up. To see all these people react appropriately to try to save the baby showed true heroism in a situation with no time to think. Even as some passersby try to catch the falling baby, other started laying out cardboard and even a sofa on the ground around them to soften the impact had they missed the baby.

Everyone was doing what they could to save the baby. The bonds of humanity were shown here as they worked together to save the baby. There was no time to lay out a plan to save the baby, only to act. All the differing actions the spectators had worked in synch despite them not talking about what to do. Even though there are people who do terrible things, the good nature of humanity can cause people to do the right thing and achieve wonders.

The video footage that captured the incident showed a woman cradling the baby lovingly at the end. The woman’s believed to be the baby’s mother. It was an incident that could have caused sorrow and regret, yet it turned into a happy ending.

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