Peaceful Protesters Who Want Their Girls Home Attacked

By on June 18, 2014

As a result of the Nigerian government’s activities with dealing with the terrorist group Boko Haram, which has kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls, a protect group against the government has been rallying for the government to take action in bringing their girls home. The worldwide protest hoping to force the government to save their girls has had daily sit-ins to convince the government of their resolve and that action should be taken. However, the caring women that have gathered for the sake of the kidnapped girls have lost their usual place to gather after being attacked by supporters of the Nigerian government.

The women were protesting peacefully when several “young men armed with bottles and stones on Wednesday attacked women protesters” (Yahoo News). The men attacked the women fiercely in support of the government and their president, Goodluck Jonathan. There has been no evidence supporting that these men were connected to the Nigerian government.

A peaceful protester stated, “‘They came and they beat the women, they used the chairs, broke the chairs, they broke bottles, they did all kinds of things over the heads of very, very civil women and men’” ( This should be a time when people come together to work against an evil in order to save the innocent, yet there’s violence against those who want the government to take action. The men supporting the government care more about politics and the ruling party rather than the kidnapped girls.

What makes these attacks worse was that the police were present at the rally but only watched as the violence unfolded. According to statements from witnesses it was said, “‘The police, at a point, arrested two of the ringleaders, but before our very eyes, released them barely 10 minutes after’” ( The police were unwilling to do their job and protect those who needed help. A group of peaceful women and men hoping for the safe return of the kidnapped girls was attacked by armed men and they didn’t really do anything.

All that the protesters wanted was to peacefully convince the Nigerian government to save their girls. It was announced that the girls have been located and they are just waiting for the right time to save them all so things should have gotten better. Instead, radical government supporters enacted violence with no one to stop them. The peaceful protesters still intend to continue their sit-ins because they fear for their girls and want to do whatever they can to bring them home.

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