Rain, Rain, Go and Wait 20 minutes

By on June 19, 2014

We all can attest to being caught in a sudden summer torrential downpour, especially with these recent evening showers. Nothing feels quite as gross as walking into a cool air-conditioned building after being soaked to the skin in the unsuspecting rain.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the rain! It is very peaceful and it brings a sense of calm I unknowingly needed.

At the same time, if I am not in some type of shelter, it is massively inconvenient. What type of person would I be if I yelled in the middle of a lightning storm and shook my fist in the air? A crazy one. Moms would take their kids and run swiftly away if anyone saw that.

Yet, it’s something we all do. We all yell incoherently at people, at invisible situations, at inanimate objects for something we have no control over. We fight others for mistakes we placed ourselves in.

You know what the result is? The rain keeps pouring and we are still the soaking wet person we were when the storm started. We hurt people close to us and the situation has only gotten worse.

If the rain could wait 20 minutes, everything would be fine with the world.

Personally, I am a planner; as long as I am prepared for my daily encounters, I am a cool, laid back individual. But let something interfere with that plan, let some rain drops start to fall, and you would have thought you ran into a rabid animal.

The Florida Orange Juice commercials are probably one of my favorite 30-second videos. A glass of orange juice can help you solve all of your problems for the day. (Well, let me order a lifetime supply of that juice.)

Unfortunately, that commercial is fictional. Life cannot be planned out. It does not fit snuggly in our 7-day planner. That’s the fact that always slaps all of us in the face when we realize that we forgot to write something down or didn’t think we would see him/her.

It doesn’t mean we should all convert to a “hippie-no-one-cares-anymore” lifestyle; nothing would get done and the world would smell significantly different.

It means that we can’t blame everything on such a chance occurrence and shake our little fist. We have to accept the inevitable and learn how to cope with it.

That’s why humans invented umbrellas.

But hey, these are just my own meandering thoughts.

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