Everybody writes, but few understand

By on July 8, 2014

There are just too many writers in our world. Yes, everyone needs to express their ideas in a public forum, or at least that’s what democratic belief on which America founded itself. However, it does not mean Honey Child down the street should publish a book and sell it for $39.99 at your local Books-a-Million.

Gone are the days of perfect prose writing with Hawthorne, Huxley, Austen, Poe, and Chaucer. Instead, readers are plagued with the overused “My life is a struggle” or the stale “30 ways to a better…” books.  Thank you misinformed publishers.

I understand overdone things are infringing on the once pure art. Ongoing battles between photography and camera phones or quality news and whatever Fox is trying to pull off. I understand that, but there is something sacred about a book.

When one cracks open the first page and experiences the new book smell, there is no thought to question the credibility of the writer. From the first opening to the final page, the reader is either blessed or burdened to have picked this book, thus developing trust issues with a particular writer.

Please understand me when I say this: a writer, in this context, is a person with a gift to paint a world in such a way that you feel part of it even when the words have ceased.

Reading does not make you a writer. Having a pen does not make you a writer. Just because you have a blog account does not make you a writer. Taking two English classes in college does not make you a trained, professional writer.

The whole process is sickening, and current bibliographies have to be man’s most skillfully crafted lie. It’s like talking to a therapist for 20 minutes on one’s intense dislike of running exercises and their response relating to a traumatic childhood recess experience one has never had. It is too much unnecessary filler.

Posers, that’s what they are. I feel sorry for anyone who stopped reading due to illegitimate people writing just to have 15 minutes of fame. If it’s a good thing, don’t mess with it. Today’s bookstores are the result of people messing with a good thing. Let the skilled writers write!

But hey, these are just my own meandering thoughts.

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