BlazeRadio- The Word with Brian Biggers: How to Be a Good UAB Student

By on August 18, 2014

Starting August 25th, 2014, BlazeRadio DJ Brian Biggers will begin his next series entitled: “How to be A Good UAB Student.”

This series will highlight and answer questions regarding all the necessary avenues that UAB offers to make the transition into Freshman year that much easier! Also, the featured guests will be giving insider tips! Below is the schedule:

Aug. 25: UAB Financial Aid featuring Whitney Hall, UAB Financial Aid Specialist


Sept 8: UAB Student Life featuring Andy Marsch, Asst. Vice President of UAB Student Life

Sept 15: UAB Career Services featuring Suzanne Scott Trammell, Exec. Director of UAB Career and Professional Development Services

Sept. 22: UAB Writing Center featuring Dr. Jaclyn Wells, UWC Director

[FINALE] Sept. 29: American Heart Association, featuring Rachel Wilson, Communications Director; Also featuring special guests!

The Word with Brian Biggers airs Mondays at 1PM Central Standard Time on BlazeRadio: UAB’s official campus radio station.

Keep updated on developments regarding “How to be a Good UAB Student” series, The Word, and much more on Brian Biggers’ official Twitter:

Here’s how you can listen:

(Hover over ‘Listen Now’ then click ‘Main Stream’)

iPhone users: Go to App Store and get the FREE BlazeRadio App! (Search ‘BlazeRadio’)

[BIRMINGHAM, AL. USERS ONLY] Android & Windows Users: Get the FREE TuneIn Radio App! (Go to ‘Local Radio’ then scroll down to ‘Internet Only’ and select ‘BlazeRadio’)

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  • daisy may

    I will be listening!

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  • UAB Support

    Brian, you know I’ll be tuned in.

  • John Cserkawski

    Proud of you Brian! Keep up the good work! Zach says Hi!

  • Guest

    This guy is hilarious!

  • Jessica

    Dr. Wells is gonna be on! I love her!

  • David

    This sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. Anything with Andy must be good!

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      yeah, andy is the man!

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    I need this because them websites are confusing me.

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    Peer to peer learning is a great!

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  • Dennis

    I met him today at move-in day! Cool guy!

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    “if you’re a nut, be a nut!” Brian, you are so cray!

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