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By on August 28, 2014

Sterne has become more than a library on campus. It is a hub to make memories in college. What with the extensive hours, Starbucks supply, and the separation of quiet and collaborative sections, Sterne makes it easy to find a second home on campus. Students can convene and take advantage of its many resources and events. Many workshops are currently available for all students to learn various things, from how to cite global sources to how to find good funding for a research idea.

This year, Sterne is making quite a few positive changes. Our newly elected Dean, John Meador, is making transitions as smoothly and quickly as possible. After taking office last week, he announced that all libraries will be taken care of under one administration. This announcement was titled “A Single Library to Serve UAB” online. The announcement seems to center on promoting UAB’s libraries as one system, rather than different entities. UAB is one school, so it makes sense that the libraries should be handled under one administration.

Sterne will be changing for the better. The University hired a group called Huron to figure out that there should be one unified library system. They then conducted a nationwide search to find a Dean fit for the job, and hired John Meador.

After meeting with John Meador, it was interesting to see where Sterne and the other libraries are headed.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of UAB because of the growth of the university and the opportunities as we attempt to create 21st century libraries,” Meador said.

Among many things, Sterne and Lister Hill plan to introduce walk-up self-digitizer machines that allow students to take all the books and databases in the library and digitize them. This means that they can convert texts into different file formats, crop, edit, email them, and convert them into audiobooks as well. Basically, students can have all digital access to any resource that the libraries have on demand and walk away with them on a flash drive – all for free.

Furthermore, we see renovation in our future. First, Lister Hill and then gradually Sterne will start having renovations that make the library atmosphere more conducive to studying. In addition, Meador hopes to extend library hours to a 24/7 basis. His reasoning was that if students need to study so hard during finals, they should have the same access throughout the year. Most students use the library as a social hub rather than a database of information, and Meador believes that this trend has partially become an issue that will resolve itself as the new Student Union opens up in the fall.

Overall, students can expect to see great changes in the library system. 

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