College Denny’s replaces Diner

By on August 28, 2014
Photo by Sarah Adkins

Were you never a fan of the food served at the Diner, the campus restaurant that used to occupy the second floor of the Commons?

Well, you are in luck! The Diner has been replaced by the Den by Denny’s. The atmosphere is more contemporary than its predecessor and the portion sizes more generous.

The Den by Denny’s says, “For over 50 years Denny’s has learned a thing or two about food. Now we’ve taken the tastes you love a step further with The Den by Denny’s. Starting with superb and unique ingredients, we combined them in unexpected ways; not only adding to our existing dishes but also creating new signature dishes with unforgettable flavors. We then serve them in an exciting environment with a convenient and relaxed vibe. By ordering at the counter, you can get your favorite to-go or pull up a chair and sit down, chill, meet friends, even surf the web. It’s your place to unwind, imagine, and enjoy great food.”

Rich Yokeley, the Resident District Manager of UAB Campus Restaurants, highlighted the 7 for $7 meal bundles. All meal bundles include a 24 oz fountain drink or 16 oz coffee, like the bacon ranch chicken salad sandwich and french fries, veggie mash up burger with fries, pecan cranberry chicken salad with a piece of fruit, among other choices. These meal bundle choices can also be ordered with a meal plan.

Flex dollars, which is a new type of campus currency included with purchase of meal plans at the beginning of a semester, can be spent at the Den as well. They also take dinning dollars, cash, and credit cards.

The Den on UAB’s campus is not the first of its kind. This collegiate version of Denny’s is also at Florida State University, Cal Poly Pomona, University of Idaho, Auburn University, Case Western Reserve University, SAIT Polytechnic, Wright State University and is being built at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and San Diego State University.

For Fall 2014, the UAB Den will be open Mondays through Fridays 11am- 2am and Saturday through Sunday 5pm – 2am.


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