Let’s talk about sex: Top five sex tips

By on August 19, 2014

With fall 2014 semester just around the bend, the class of 2018 moves into campus on Saturday, August 23, laden with laptops, bedding and packs of condoms. As a whole, the freshman class is always wide-eyed, excited to be Blazers, and well, horny (as much as I hate that word). Here are my top five sex tips to ensure your UAB freshmen experience goes swimmingly.

1. Condoms, condoms, condoms.

Y’all, I can’t stress this enough. Use appropriate protection or else fear the wrath of the dreaded STI. Trust me, you don’t want to be like that one Blazer on the UAB Confession’s Facebook page that admitted to contracting an STI while simultaneously losing his/her virginity.

Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy (http://www.thebody.com)

Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy (http://www.thebody.com)


Plus, this handy little contraption keeps those swimmers from making a baby. We know you’re awesome and attractive and pre-med and all, but seriously, those genes can wait a few years to reproduce, especially if you’re pre-med. The dorms don’t come standard with cribs for a reason.

2. The clitoris is NOT a myth.

In fact, the clit is a very real, very awesome piece of female anatomy that, when handled correctly, makes all the difference between decent sex and mind-blowing sex. However, all women are different and have varying sensitivities, so start out slow, don’t be scared, and definitely ask for honest feedback. You’ll catch on.

(If not, I can cover this topic more in depth next issue- let me know how it goes on twitter @UABKscope- we’ll even follow you back and you might win some cool stuff too).

3. Don’t have sex with a frat boy just because he is in a fraternity.

He might be a decent guy, he might just want to use you, or he might even be “the one”(but I doubt it). Be forewarned, he may try to prey on you because as freshmen, you get stars in your eyes and you might have a beer or three at his insistence, (don’t drink underage…) and suddenly they’re trying to have sex with you.You can say no. Heck, you should say no, because you’re worth more than a dirty frat house hook-up. Unless you just want to, then by all means, go right ahead. That’s the beauty of America: free will and all.

4. Don’t stalk a past hook-up on social media.

Especially not in lecture. You never know who could be peering over your shoulder. (Actually if you’d like to graduate one day just leave the laptop in the book bag, because studies show you retain more knowledge when taking notes the old-fashioned way- you know, pencil and paper?)

Anyway, a past hook-up is just that- a hook-up, and in the past. Don’t linger on someone who isn’t worth your time. Meet new people instead- face to face, not just virtually. People are everywhere on campus, and we’re all pretty friendly for the most part, except for DJ Kaydee of Blazeradio fame. (Just kidding, she’s a sweetie but she doesn’t want anyone to know it).

5. Get checked ASAP for STIs. Finally, if you happen to have a night where you’re not sure if you used protection, or you know you didn’t, or the condom broke-get checked ASAP for STIs. Please don’t have the mentality that you’re not going to get an STI “because x,y, and z”.

Unless one of those variables is a condom, no one is above catching an STI. The only thing that protects you is correctly utilized protection and getting yourself tested. Knowledge is all you have to empower yourself and your health, because as we all know, knowledge will change your world!

Seriously though, UAB has an awesome Student Health Services, with same-day appointments available and hours from 8AM-5PM weekdays in the Family and Community Medicine Building at 930 20th Street South, Suite 221.

*If you still haven’t gotten your TB test and immunizations, they do walk-ins for those. Be aware that they are closed from 12-1 and on Fridays close early at 4:30.

Keep in mind that not all of these tips apply to all sexual situations. Use your best judgment baby Blazers, and have a fantastic freshman fall semester- you only get one.

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