UAB to Z

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UAB to Z is your guide to the world of UAB and the Birmingham area.

Compiled by students for students, it provides useful information about student organizations, classes, administrators, buildings and other important information mixed in with a little humor and an update on popular culture in the ‘ham to expand our horizons.

Also provided are spotlights of faces and places the Kaleidoscope staff has a particular fondness for or that may provide incoming students opportunities to get involved and invested in the campus from the get go.

Hopefully this guide will help you become acquainted with the campus and find ways to make your own mark during your time here. This UAB Dictionary is an ongoing project. If you would like to contribute to next year’s edition, or have any other feedback, send any entries or ideas to

Welcome to UAB. Make friends, get involved and read your Kaleidoscope.

Studying may be a good idea too.


Aaatix: Where to get local concert, sporting events, and other fun functions around the area. Check out their site at

Airport: see Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.

Alabama: Also known as “The Cotton State,” “Heart of Dixie,” and “Yellowhammer State,” Alabama was approved for statehood into the United States in 1819. The state tree is the pine tree, known as a “moon tree,” because the seeds of this tree went to the moon with astronaut Stuart Roosa aboard Apollo 14 in 1971. Alabama’s current state capital, Montgomery, was the capital of the Confederate States of America in 1861, where the orders to fire upon Ft. Sumter and the beginning of the American Civil War originated.

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame: The historic Carver Theatre hosts the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and museum. Located in Birmingham’s Civil Rights District, the museum displays the works of such musical greats as W. C. Handy and Ella Fitzgerald.

Al’s: Mediterranean restaurant serving favorites such as gyros (pronounced jeer-oh, zheer-oh; Gk. yee-raw), burgers, hummus (mashed chick peas dip), and fries. Al’s takes BlazerBucks, so expect students to be present at all hours.

Alabama Theatre: Built in 1927, this historic “Showplace of the South” has featured events from the Mickey Mouse Club to the Miss Alabama Pageant to Willie Nelson concerts. The Alabama Theatre is home of the “Mighty Wurlitzer,” a grand organ designed to accompany silent-era films. In 1979, the Alabama Theatre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Check out the many movies and events, including their summer movie series, located in Birmingham’s downtown northside. For details on upcoming activities:

Aldridge Gardens: Need a break? Located in Hoover, just south of Birmingham, Aldridge Gardens boasts 30 acres of flora and fauna, a six acre lake, and a walking track. Admission is free so settle in and enjoy nature. For more info:

Alumni Affairs: This UAB Department makes it a point to stay in touch with UAB graduates and keep them in the loop with the UAB Alumni Gazette, the UAB Alumni’s newsletter.

Alumni House: Completed in 2011, the home of the UAB National Alumni Society.

Alys-Stephens Center for the Performing Arts: Located on campus, this lush building hosts some of UAB’s most notable events, including everything from guest speakers such as John Waters, Margaret Cho, and David Sedaris to diverse musical performances from the Temptations to the Cowboy Junkies to Ravi Shankar and everything in between. The Center houses a 1,330-seat concert hall, 350-seat theater, 150-seat recital hall, and 150-seat theater. The box office is open from 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and an hour before performances on weekdays. On weekend performance days, the ticket office opens at noon. Phone: (205) 975-ARTS (ticket office) or (205) 975-9540 (business office).

Annual Fund: Intended for alumni who wish to make a donation directly to support the schools from which they graduated. These donations are tax-deductable and can be put to use in areas that need them most. For more information, call (205) 975-6629.

AskIT Help Desk: Provides phone or in-person help for all UAB students, researchers, faculty and staff. Email, or call (205) 996-5555.

Athletics: You know who you are. A proud part of Blazer pride. See individual sports entries.

Aura: UAB’s literary magazine, featuring the best poetry, photography, literature and art from UAB students. Aura recently won Best In Class at the NYC 2011 College Media Advisors competition. Submit your own work to editor Laurie Christolear at

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


Batman: The coolest of all superheroes.

Barbecue (Barbeque, Bar-B-Que or BBQ): No matter how you spell it, barbecue is a big time Birmingham business. Thought of by many as carbonized animals and comes in varieties such as chicken, pork, turkey and beef. Mmm… tasty.

Baseball: Conference USA champions in 2012. Still America’s favorite pastime, right? Or is that tweeting?

Basketball: Still dunking after all these years, basketball was created in 1891. Also see: Bartow.

Barnes & Noble College Bookstore: This on campus bookstore features the textbooks you need for classes, as well as supplies, including everything from lab coats to bathroom items. If it’s school-related, they have it! To find out for sure, call (205) 996-BOOK, or visit them online at

Bartow Arena: Home of Blazer basketball and volleyball.

Bartow, Gene: UAB’s first basketball coach who passed away in 2012. The Bartow Arena was named after him.His memorial service was held in Bartow Arena.

Bell Theater: Home of theater classes (Theater 100) and athletic training facilities.

Bell, William: The current mayor of Birmingham who took office after Larry Langford’s indictment.

Benevolent Fund: Founded to support health, charity, and service needs of those in the Birmingham area.

Birmingham Barons: Birmingham’s minor league baseball team has been home to many baseball (and basketball) greats, including Michael Jordan (yes, that Michael Jordan).

Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Enjoy Birmingham’s largest ‘living museum.’ The Botanical Gardens features conservatories, rose gardens, Japanese Gardens, and even a gift shop and café. Admission to the gardens and parking are free and open daily. For more information, visit

Birmingham Museum of Art: Probably the only place in Birmingham you can find original works by Dali, Warhol, Monet, and a gift shop with knick-knacks related these artists. The museum also offers a large collection of Medieval, Eastern, and American art. Call (205) 254-2565 for more information. Parking and entry are free. Closed on Mondays.

Birmingham Public Library: Located downtown at 2100 Park Place, this is the off-campus library, complete with DVD and CD rentals.

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport: With an airport code of BHM, the lone airport in Birmingham is a star-alliance member, serving US Airways, United-Continental, along with Delta, American, and Southwest Airlines.

Birmingham Zoo: Don’t leave your childhood behind. Visit the Birmingham Zoo for a day with the animals. The zoo offers giraffe feeding, camel rides, a butterfly garden, and much more. Check for events at

Blaze: The school mascot. A huge, mythical creature that breathes fire way cooler than a regular old elephant or tiger. The dragon statue in front of Bartow Arena may have cost more than it is worth, but hey, it does blow smoke.

BlazeRadio: They literally rock. Featuring rock, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. Check them out at iTunes College Radio or and tell them yourself.

BlazerBucks: BlazerBucks is a declining balance account that can be used for goods and services anywhere the UAB One Card is accepted. BlazerBucks accounts are available to students, faculty and staff and other individuals in possession of a UAB One Card. There is no minimum deposit required to activate a BlazerBucks account, and additional funds can be added in varying amounts at will. Balances in BlazerBucks carry over from year to year until the cardholder graduates or otherwise permanently leaves the university. BlazerBucks can only be used in campus diners or affiliated restaurants, such as Al’s and Subway. Not legal in foreign countries or games of Monopoly. Also see: Dining Dollars.

BlazerCast: A podcast produced by the student media staff of the Kaleidoscope. Check out our News Review and Sports Update online at

BlazerNET: Where to access information on things like grades, financial aid status and student life in general. The web address is

Blazer Hall: Freshmen dorm located next to Commons on the Green and the Diner.

Blount Hall: Dorm that lives up to its name. Just kidding. It’s usually populated by upperclassmen.

Bottletree Cafe, The: Downtown vegan-friendly cafe with meat options, but more importantly, where to catch some of the best live shows in Birmingham. Check them out at

Bowling: An NCAA sanctioned sport hosted by UAB.

Building Services: Responsible for cleaning non-hospital buildings, including high-rise windows. Call them at (205) 934-4126 if you need to clean up your act.

Business, School of: This school offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs to prospective students and offers real-world experience and opportunities for enrolled students. The business school academic department offers programs in Accounting and Information Systems, Finance, Economics and Quantitative Methods, Management and Organization and Marketing and Industrial Distribution.


Camp Hall: This dorm hall is so campy. Reserved for freshmen.

Campbell Hall: Houses classrooms for science and psychology courses.

Campus Recreational Center (REC or CRC): Where to get your exercise on. Features everything from mountain climbing (of the artificial type) to swimming to court sports like basketball, racquetball, volleyball, etc. There are also aerobic classes, nutrition education classes, and personal trainers. So get yourself into the gym and work on your fitness, or your ping pong skills. For more information, call (205) 934-8224.

Campus Catering: Services range from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to receptions and the like. For more information, call (205) 996-6565 or email

Career Services: This department provides assistance and advice to all majors, including internships, co-ops, jobs, and volunteer opportunities. Career counselors are also available. With several locations on campus, make an appointment with your future by calling (205) 934-4324 or emailing

Child Development Center: Where to develop your child. Okay, it’s actually a daycare center. Spots are limited, so apply early. Call (205) 975-7373 for more information.

Civil Rights Institute, The: Exhibits offer a journey through the civil rights struggles of the 1960s (including the history that was made right here in Birmingham, Al.) and a look at modern human rights issues. Visit to learn more.

Charlemagne Records: Excellent little indie record (and CDs, videos and other neat stuff) shop in Birmingham. Charlemagne is located in Five Points South at 1924½ 11th Ave. S.

College of Arts and Sciences: A combination of the former system of segmented schools based on the academic subject. The largest collective academic body at UAB.

Comedy Club/Stardome: Located in Hoover,Stardome hosts visiting comics, such as Rob Schneider, Bruce Bruce, and Pauly Shore. For tickets and venue information, visit

Commons on the Green, The: Yet another place to get your grub, this one with all-you-can-eat options. Sweet!

Computer Services: See AskIT, Learning Center, Lister Hill Microcomputer Lab, or University Computer Center.

Construction: It never ends! Never!

Copy/Print Services: For 10 cents per black and white copy or 25 cents per color copy, students can take care of all their on-campus printing needs. Printers take BlazerBucks. Printing stations can be found at Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries, the Learning Resource Center, MEIS (Volker Hall), Student Affairs (HUC), the Dept. of Art & Art History, and the Schools of Business, Engineering, and Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Cosmo’s Pizza: For a good slice, call this pizzeria located at 2012 Magnolia Ave. S. (205) 930-9971.

Cross Country: Run for it.

Crossplex, Birmingham: The newly constructed sports complex complete with an aquatic center, Olympic-size pool and a state-of-the-art indoor track.

CVS Pharmacy: Where people with no car who live on campus buy their stuff. Located behind Blount Hall. CVS accepts BlazerBucks.


Dave’s:  A local pub in the Five Points district.

Data Communications/Network Services/User Services: Provides information on using the UAB electronic phonebook, the student information system, student email, the Campus Network, the Internet, and other general computer-related information. Go to for more information.

Denman Hall: Where the coolest people on campus live. Only seniors and up need apply.

Dentistry, School of: The School of Dentistry is located in Volker Hall and is as old as the university itself. Departments include Academic Affairs, Biomaterials, Comprehensive Dentistry, Dental Informatics, Diagnostic Sciences, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics and Prosthodontics, and Biomaterials.

Diner, The: Located upstairs at the Commons on the Green. The Diner offers breakfast and dinner food from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. Dinner is served during all hours of operation, and breakfast is served from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Dining Dollars: Every student living on campus and all full-time undergraduate students are assessed a $225 campus dining fee during fall and spring semesters that renews every academic year. If the total $450 allotment is not used by the start of the new academic year, the money will be forfeited.

Dining Fee (Campus): Funds that can be accessed through each student’s One Card Dining Dollars account. Dining Dollars is a declining balance account that can be used for purchases at UAB dining facilities only. See: Campus Restaurants.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que & Ribs: Located just a few blocks from the university at the corner of 15th St. S. and 14th Ave. S., Dreamland Bar-B-Que boasts having the best bar-b-que ribs you could ever eat! They accept BlazerBucks.


Education, School of: Departments include Human Studies, Curriculum and Instruction, Leadership, Special Education, Foundations and Instruction. The School of Education also offers several important student services on campus, such as Livetext, Blackboard, Turnitin, Get Involved!, and Student Resources.

El Barrio Restaurante Y Bar: Enjoy the delicious take of Mexican cuisine while enjoying the design and environment of urban life. Open Tuesday through Saturday, and located at 2211 2nd Ave. N.

Engineering, School of: Departments include Biomedical Engineering; Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering; Construction Management; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; PhD Interdisciplinary Engineering; Information Engineering and Management Program; Entrepreneurship for Engineers; Management for Engineers; Honors Programs and study abroad opportunities.

English Resource Center: Offers a free tutorial service for any UAB student. Tutorial services are available for students taking any class at UAB, not just English classes as the name mistakenly implies. To schedule an appointment, go to room 224 in the Humanities Building or call (205) 934-8118.

Escort Services: Provides students and faculty with an after-dark escort to or from any point on campus, including parking facilities, either on foot or in a marked vehicle. Parking and Transportation Services provides escort services Monday-Friday, 5:15 p.m. until 10:15 p.m. UAB Police Dispatchers take calls from 10:15 p.m. until dawn and will dispatch a UAB police officer or security officer to the customer’s location. Dial (205) 934-8772 for escorts.


FedEx: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight, call (205) 252-2509. Located at 312 20th St N.

Financial Affairs: Provides information and service to UAB students, staff and faculty, as well as help with budgeting, planning and problem-solving. Go to for more information.

Five Points South: Where all the action is; save for some stuff downtown. It has restaurants and clubs, a Starbucks, and a few small shops and boutiques–what more do you need?

Formaggio’s: The best Italian food near campus, located on 10th Ave. S. next door to the Purple Onion. Another student favorite.

Forum: The Opinion section of the Kaleidoscope. Write to the editor at and let your voice be heard.

Full Moon Bar-B-Q: Also boasts having the best bar-b-q, located off Fifth Ave. S. on 25th St.


Galleria, The: Located in Hoover, the Galleria offers a wide variety of shopping options, such as Sears, Macy’s, Build-a-Bear Workshop, and The Lego Store.

General Studies: General Studies is where many students will begin their college careers. If you don’t know what you want to do, then this is the school for you. General Studies coordinates and offers academic programs and services designed to enhance the academic experience of undergraduate students.

Good People Brewing Company: Microbrewery located near Railroad Park on 14th Street South. Available in fine taverns all over Birmingham. See for more information.

Graduate School: UAB is known as a research intensive university committed to new discoveries in multiple fields. The Graduate School currently administers doctoral programs in 35 areas and master’s level programs in 45 areas in the arts and sciences, business, education, engineering and health professions. UAB also supports 80 interdisciplinary research centers. Programs attract outstanding faculty and students and unite disciplines to produce new knowledge and new technologies. Several programs are designed to promote and support a diverse student body and to increase the participation of under-represented populations in graduate programs.

Gyro: Pronounced jeer-oh, zheer-oh; Gk. yee-raw; it is meat, usually lamb, roasted, thinly sliced and then served with pita bread and hummus. Birmingham has a strong Greek food heritage, as evidenced in the numerous popular restaurants throughout the area.


Habitat for Humanity: Prominent non-profit organization offering dozens of volunteer opportunities around Birmingham each semester.

Health Professions, School of: The UAB School of Health Professions (SHP) is one of the largest health professions schools in the nation, with more than 20 innovative programs at the baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral levels within five departments: Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, Health Services Administration, Nutrition Sciences, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Heritage Hall (HHB): Houses the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, plus labs for mathematics and communication studies and faculty offices. Opened in 2008, it is the newest and fanciest academic building on campus and is located next to the Recreation Center across the Campus Green.

Hill University Center (HUC or The Hill): Going, going…GONE! Scheduled to be demolished by fall 2013, new construction should be completed on a centralized student center by 2015. Good things come to those who wait.

Humanities Building (HB): Where you will live if you are an art student. Located across the street from the Mervyn Sterne Library, it also contains offices and classrooms dedicated to Art History, English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy. Even if you don’t have any classes in the Humanities building, you should check out the Visual Arts Gallery located on the bottom floor.

Human Resource Management: Provides assistance for UAB employees. See for more information.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs: Nice, cheap alternative to those pricey foot longs at you-know-who’s. Also, super cheap pizza that’s priced to own. ($5.55 for a large one-topping pizza!) Right next door to CVS, which is behind Blount and Rast.

The Hunger Games: Popular film and novel series written by Alabama School of Fine Arts alumni, Suzanne Collins, in which teenagers fight to the death for the right to eat.


Information Technology Desk (IT Desk): You will have to scream for help to be able to enter this office, as it is located in the secure access facility of Blazer Hall. See AskIt Help Desk.

International Scholar and Student Services: Immigration related services for international students/scholars at UAB. Call (205) 934-3328 for more information.

International Studies: A growing interdisciplinary major at UAB in which students study politics, culture, foreign languages and more. Studying abroad is incorporated into the major’s curriculum.

Intramurals: Includes such team sports as flag football, soccer, basketball and softball offered in league formats. Special events include individual competitions in areas such as billiards, tennis, golf, and bowling. Call the Campus Recreation Center for more information at (205) 934-8224.


Jim & Nick’s Bar-B-Que: What, more BBQ? For the love of high cholesterol! It’s good, though, you should try their award-winning food. Located in Five Points South between 20th and 19th.

Jimmy John’s: Take a break from other sandwich shops. If you don’t go to Jimmy John’s, they will come to you. Order online at


Kaleidoscope: UAB’s weekly student-produced newspaper. The paper is divided into four sections: News, Sports, Forum (containing opinion and editorial pieces) and Spectrum (covering music, movies and on-campus activities). The Kaleidoscope is published every Tuesday. To submit articles, news tips or letters to the editor, call (205) 934-3354 or email The office is located in the Student Publications office at the Pita Stop Building. Visit online at or

Kelly Ingram Park: Located at 5th Ave. N. and 16th St. S., Kelly Ingram Park features a historic walk through major events during the Civil Rights Movement. It’s a great place to have lunch or walk around.

Keys: For anything related to locks, alarm systems, and card keys, contact Physical Services at (205) 934-3708.


La Mesa: New Mexican restaurant located at 1101 20th St. S.

Langford, Larry (LaLa): Birmingham’s noble former mayor currently serving time in prison.

Learning Resource Center: See English Resource Center and Math Learning Lab. Additional services in the LRC include UAB Tutoring and University Writing Center.

Legion Field: Support UAB Athletics by attending games at Legion Field. More information on Legion Field or UAB sports, visit

Libraries: UAB boasts two for students on campus, Mervyn Sterne and Lister Hill. Mervyn Sterne Library houses a Starbucks. They also host an online site at See Mervyn H. Sterne or Lister Hill for more information. See also: Reynolds Historical Library.

Lister Hill: Main library for resources regarding the Health Professions. Located at 1700 University Blvd. Bring your One Card to show at the door. Help is available in person, by phone, email, and via chat.  Guides and tutorials are linked from the website and students can also schedule a consultation with a librarian for help with their research or for a tour. In the building, also find study rooms, public computers, quiet study space, BlazerBucks station and school textbook collections. The UAB archives are also located here. See the library website,, for more details or “Like” us on Facebook at

Lister Hill Microcomputer Lab: Located within Lister Hill Library, this lab provides hardware and software help for PCs and Macintosh. Call (205) 934-2230 for more information.

Lucy’s: Tea and coffee shop located at 2007 University Blvd.


Magic City: Another name for Birmingham. Birmingham was founded in the 1870s after the Civil War and became the industrial center of the South. Birmingham’s fast-paced growth through the turn of the century, mainly due to the iron and steel industries, led to its being dubbed, “The Magic City.”

Magic City Classic: An annual football game between Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University. Aside from the game itself, the Classic is known for a spirited parade and a battle between the schools’ marching bands. Don’t miss the half-time show!

Maintenance, Campus: Oversees the operation and care of lighting, plumbing and painting/upkeep of all campus buildings. Phone: (205) 934-5355 or for Dispatch: (205) 934-5353. For hospital buildings, call: (205) 934-6181.

Math Learning Lab: Located on the second floor of Heritage Hall. Includes tutors who provide free assistance in mathematics for students.

McGee, Garrick: The new head coach of Blazer football.

McWane Science Center: Get hands on involvement by visiting or joining volunteer programs. Learn about Alabama Dinosaurs and Race, or visit the Jellyfish Tank and Light Pell Wall. For information on exhibits and events, visit

Meal Deals: Meal Deals are available at the Commons for breakfast and lunch during the week and at the Diner and Blazer Cafe. One meal is debited from the student’s account for each Meal Deal purchased. Meal Deals are specially designed combo meals available at all server stations in the listed locations.

Meal Plans: These come with a set number of meals that can be used to purchase all-you-care-to-eat meals and Meal Deals at UAB dining facilities. All-you-care-to-eat meals are available at the Commons on the Green for dinner seven nights a week and for weekend brunch. One meal is debited from the student’s plan upon purchase, and the student has unlimited access to all available items. Meals do not carry over from semester to semester. Unused meals for any given term will be forfeited from the student’s meal plan account on the day following the last day of final exams for that term. For more information, including the different types of Meal Plans and Deals available, see

Medicine, School of: UAB is known for its hospital, and the School of Medicine is intricately tied to the medical center. The School of Medicine is ranked 27th for research and 43rd for primary care education. The school’s AIDS program is ranked fifth in the nation. Departments include: Anesthesiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Genetics, Medicine, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiology and Biophysics, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology, Radiology and Surgery.

MEIS: Medical Education Information Services. For more information, email

Mellow Mushroom: Pizza chain restaurant in Five Points South that also serves salads, sandwiches and calzones. Mellow Mushroom is located at 1200 20th St. S.

Mervyn H. Sterne Library: Main resource for those in the Arts and Humanities departments. Located at 917 S. 13th St.

Metro Prime: A newly opened restaurant in Five Points South.

Movies: Everybody loves them. Check the Kaleidoscope every week for reviews of popular films.


Nick, The: Like their slogan states – The Nick Rocks! A Birmingham bar and nightclub featuring hard rock, metal, punk and goth bands. All shows are for ages 21 and up. The Nick is located at 2514 10th Ave. S.

Nursing, School of: Over 10,000 nurses have graduated from the School of Nursing. It ranks 26th in overall graduate programs (in the top 10 percent nationwide) by U.S. News and World Reports. Departments include Adult/Acute Health Chronic Care and Foundation, Outcomes and Systems, Community Health and Family/Child Health and Care-giving.


Oak Hill Cemetery: Downtown Birmingham cemetery that features re-enactors in full costume greeting guests who visit their respective graves. It is also a popular place to walk or take tours. Contact Oak Hill at

Office of Planning and Analysis (aka Institutional Studies and Services): Provides data, information and analysis related to UAB students, faculty and staff. Located in Suite 420 of the Administration Building. Call (205) 934-2384 or (205) 934-2090 for more information.

Orientation: Most students’ first look at the university and introduction to the inner workings of UAB.

Original Pancake House, The: A popular breakfast spot in Five Points South that specializes in pancakes, crepes, waffles and omelets. The Original Pancake House is located at 1931 11th Ave. S.


Parking and Transportation Services: Oversees anything pertaining to the parking decks and facilities on campus. Campus taxi service can also be reached through them, as can the escort service. Can also secure car/van rentals for UAB functions. Phone: (205) 934-3513. Campus Taxi direct line: (205) 975-TAXI. Car/Van Rental direct line: (205) 975-RENT.

Physical Services: Responsible for security on campus. Contact at (205) 934-3328. See also Keys.

Police Department: Emergency line: (205) 934-3535. Non-emergency: (205) 934-4434.

Printing/Mail Services: For campus mail, contact the UAB post office at (205) 934-4595. Printing service is available at the HUC and both libraries.

Provost: The senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Public Health, School of: UAB’s School of Public Health strives to create a community of outstanding scholars and professionals leading innovation in public health, and it is recognized for improving the health of the citizens of Alabama and the world. Departments include: Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Care Organizations and Policy, Health Behavior and Maternal and Child Health.

Purple Onion: Located near campus at 17th Street. and 10th Avenue. The Purple Onion serves American and Mediterranean food and is open 24/7.


Quest: A 24/7 dance club located at 416 24th St. S. Visit for more information.


Railroad Park: a large, urban green-space consuming First Avenue South complete with playground-equipment, a walking-track and street vendors.

Rast Hall: Dorm located near the Commons for undergrads, across from Blazer Hall.

Renaissance Records: Another quirky independent record store in Five Points South. If you’ve ever wanted to find a copy of Simon and Garfunkel on vinyl, this is your place.

Reynolds Historical Library: Located in Lister Hill Library, it is almost more of a museum than a typical library. This unique library features everything from early copies of Benjamin Franklin transcripts to rare scientific books to letters written by George and Martha Washington. Located at 1700 University Blvd.

Rifle: A type of gun generally used for hunting. A NCAA Division A sport at UAB.

Rojo’s: Rojo serves American and Mexican cuisine and is located at 2921 Highland Ave. S., just off campus.

Roly Poly: This franchise specializes in sandwiches and wraps at reasonable prices and can be found all over the Birmingham area. The closest to campus is located at 2009 15th Ave S.

ROTC: Stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. UAB’s Army ROTC program began in the 1980s to increase the Army’s output of junior officers. Learn leadership and management skills and, if you wish, become qualified to serve as an Army officer upon graduation. To learn more, visit


Sand Volleyball: One of UAB’s more recent Division A collegiate sports added. Sand courts can be found on campus near the West Campus soccer fields.

Schaffer’s Crawfish Boil: Massive downtown event that takes place in the early summer.

Shipping and Receiving on campus: See Warehouse Services.

Sidewalk Film Festival: Another fun summer event highlighting movies and short films both locally and globally.

Shuttlesworth, Fred: Civil Rights activist who led the Birmingham Civil Rights movement. Airport is named for him. Shuttlesworth passed away last year. To read more about his legacy, visit

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church: Located next to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Kelly Ingram Park, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church is the site of the historic bombing in September of 1963. The church still holds regular services and missions throughout Birmingham.

Sloss Furnace and Museum: Visit to explore historical stories, touring information and upcoming events, such as welding and blacksmith workshops.

Smolian House: Provides services and activities with a focus on International students. Also provides temporary lodgings for newly arrived students. Located at 1600 10th Ave. S. For more information, call (205) 934-1205.

Speakeasy: A trendy, urban bar just north of the park on Third Avenue North (21 and up only).

Spectrum: Arts & Entertainment section of the Kaleidoscope. Check it out for local events, fashion tips, movie, music, game reviews and more!

Splash Adventure: Formerly a theme park located in Bessemer, just outside of Birmingham, it now features an extensive water park, a sea lion show, and zip lining, located at 4599 Alabama Adventure Parkway.

Snoozy’s Bookstore: An off-campus secondary source for textbooks and school supplies. If Barnes and Noble doesn’t have it, look here or at TextSmart. Located at 1321 10th Ave S. right next to Subway.

Soccer: A sport that involves a person using any part of their body except for their hands to guide a ball into a goal.

Softball: Should really be called Fastpitch. Games are held at the UAB softball field on the west half of campus.

Sol y Luna: Mexican restaurant located at 2811 Seventh Ave S.

Starbucks: Located in the newly opened campus location within Sterne Library at 917 S. 13th St. S. Also located in Five Points South.

Student Health Clinic: Also known as Student Health Services. Located in UAB’s Community Health Services Building on 20th Street near Ninth Avenue.

Subway: Where to get those $5 foot longs. Located next to Snoozy’s at 1321 10th Ave S.

Summit, The: Another shopping center with clothing stores, home decorating stores, book stores, restaurants, and most importantly, The Cheesecake Factory. Visit for store information.

Surin: Boasts serving the best Thai food in Alabama. Surin West is located in Five Points South at 1918 11th Ave. S. and Surin 280 is located at 16 Perimeter Park S.


Ted’s Restaurant: Home cookin’ meat and three found here. Located at 328 12th St. S.

Temporary Services: Provides temporary clerical, secretarial and service-related personnel for UAB buildings. Call (205) 934-4030 for more information.

Textsmart Bookstore: Another alternative for school textbooks and supplies off-campus. Located at 1027 11th Plaza S.

Ticket Office: Located in the HUC, this is the best place to get tickets for local events and other out-of-town destinations. Also sells discounted movie tickets. It should be noted that events taking place at Bartow Arena or the Alys-Stephens Center should be purchased at those venues. Call (205) 934-8001 for more information.

Track & Field: Run Forrest Run.

Travel Services: Assists UAB faculty and students in planning business and vacation arrangements. Includes securing transportation and accommodation and Passport/Visa needs. Call (205) 444-1133 or 1-800-476-2952 toll free for more information.

Tuition: Check out the graph above to see how tuition payments have changed for the upcoming semester.

Twenty-six (26): A swank, bistro-style restaurant in Five Points South located at 1210 20th St. S.


UAB Healthfinder: Hooks UAB students and employees up with the appropriate health services over the phone. Call toll-free at 1-800-UAB-8816, Monday through Friday from 8a.m. – 5p.m.

UAB Police: Who you gonna call? (205) 934-3535.

UAB Publications: All official publications are overseen by this department, save the magazine (see UAB Reporter below). Call (205) 934-5310 for more information.

UAB Reporter: Magazine for and by the UAB community, published by the Office of Public Relations & Marketing and focusing on the achievements of employees of UAB. The electronic version (eReporter) is delivered twice a week via email on BlazerNET and can also be found at: Call (205) 934-2040 for more information or email at

Ullman Museum: Privately owned museum open by appointment only. It houses a collection of memorabilia from the Ullman family, including Samuel Ullman’s poetry. Call (205) 934-3328 for more information.

University Boulevard Office Building (UBOB): Not to be confused with Billy Bob. Houses the Department of Justice Sciences and is located at 1530 Third Ave. S. Note that it is easy to overlook as it is attached to a parking deck.

University Computer Center (TUCC): Provides assistance for all computer-related information for UAB faculty and students.

University Writing Center: Located at Sterne Library 175, the UWC offers free services for UAB students who seek help with all stages and styles of writing. Students seeking help will work with graduate English majors. To make an appointment, visit

UPS Store, The: Located at 130 Wildwood Parkway No. 108. User Services: See Data Communications.


V – the Statue: See: Vulcan.

Video Production: Provides print ad-related services, as well as video productions. Located within the Office of Public Relations at the Administration Building in Suite 1320 701 20th St. S.

Volker Hall: Home of the MCP Graduate Program, the University of Alabama School of Medicine and numerous research laboratories. Located at 1670 University Blvd. near Lister Hill Library for the Health Sciences.

Vulcan Park and Museum: Vulcan is the world’s largest cast iron statue, standing watch on Red Mountain. Visitors can enjoy the museum, as well as Vulcan himself, overlooking Birmingham.


WBHM: known for being “your NPR News Station,” WBHM is a listener-supported service of UAB. Tune in to 91.5 FM or listen online at

West Campus Field: Home of Blazer soccer located on the – you guessed it – west edge of campus. It is located near the Business and Engineering Complex, tennis courts and baseball field.


X-rays: UAB is a medical school. There are multiple opportunities and locations to receive x-rays. A good place to start is the Student Health Clinic.


Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA): (1) A popular Village People song that reached #2 on the American song chart in 1979 about the good things the YMCA offers. (2) Recreational facilities, many of which are designed as family friendly locations, located throughout Birmingham and the country. Its motto is “to build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” The two closest locations are the Downtown Family Branch located at 321 21st St. N. and the Mountain Brook YMCA located at 2401 20th Place S.


Zombie: A re-animated corpse with a thirst for brains. Will be seen around UAB’s campus a couple of times a year (see also, Student Life).

Zydeco: A bar and nightclub in Five Points South that features dance, electronic, and rock bands. It is located 2001 15th Ave.  S.

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