Who’s Who Nominations 2013-14

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Nomination Application 2013-2014

You are eligible if you are registered in good standing at UAB and if you meet the following criteria:


  • You are enrolled as a Junior or Senior
  • You have completed 24 UAB semester hours
  • You have achieved an overall GPA of 2.5


  • You are an unconditional Graduate student
  • You have completed 12 UAB semester hours
  • You have achieved an overall GPA of 3.0
  • General Instructions

1. Points will be awarded from a rating scale to nominees on the basis of their experience and/or performance under three categories:

I. Scholastic Achievement
II. Collegiate and Extracurricular Activities
III. Civic/Community/Service Organizations

2. Be concise, but provide all pertinent information related to the activity.

3. Do not include experience for hire under the three categories; activities where stipends are awarded, such as the University Student Government Association, can be included.

4. Do not list any personal experience or activity that cannot be verified upon request. Any

information that cannot be verified will not be considered.

5. Do not include the same qualification information in more than one category.

6. Do not use abbreviations for names and organizations; list information in reverse chronological order with the most recent accomplishment first.

7. Every applicant must be nominated by a faculty member or an administrator at UAB; that person must sign the 3rd page of the application.

8. Attach any additional information which may be relevant to the evaluation of your qualifications.

Character recommendations are not necessary. Resumes may be attached to the completed application.

9. Part-time and full-time students are eligible for participation.

10. Complete and submit application to Andy Marsch, Office of Student Life (1715 Building 9th Avenue South). Our building is on the back side of the Learning Resource Center on 9th Avenue South.

Deadline is Friday, November 1, 2013.


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