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Looking for those with the next great idea!

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  • UAB Kaleidoscope Newspaper
  • Kscope Archive — take a stroll down memory lane
  •, our internet radio station
  • Aura Magazine, our literary flagship
  • Interactive Student Media —  our power on the web.

Kaleidoscope, UAB’s student newspaper, was here before there was a UAB.

Students have been gathering, editing, and printing the news about the UAB community since 1967.

During the years, the “Kscope,” as it is known on campus, has played a vital role in helping keep students informed as well as providing a public forum for the discussion of contemporary issues.

As times have changed, so has the UAB’s media, trading in typewriters for computers, adding more color to its print edition, and aggressively converging what had once been a print-only medium into a contemporary operation that delivers content not only in print but daily on the web and through mobile devices.

And, UAB’s Student Media has expanded along the way, adding internet radio (, a literary arts magazine (Aura), and an internet services group (Interactive Student Media) to its list of student services and opportunities.

Regardless of the medium, at the heart of these operations are students who gain real-world experience and training that has equipped them for entry into the professional world of media. Over the years, teams of students have won numerous regional and national awards for journalistic excellence.

Student Media alums have gone on to work for a variety of media, ranging from community journalism to major metropolitan operations across the U.S. with most crediting their experiences with student media at UAB as essential to their future careers.

Today, students produce content for all facets of the operations, including multimedia content and mobile technologies to adapt the medium to display on smartphones and tablets. These innovations are produced by students themselves and are among some of the most cutting-edge concepts in collegiate journalism in the nation.

Student Media is always looking for those who want to join a team dedicated to finding the next great idea is serving our community. Perhaps that is you. Contact us today.

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